Facts about the Severe Brain Disorder Called Dementia

Posted by Remedymart on May 22nd, 2014

Thank to the changing environment, increasing pollution, new diseases are coming up. Some affect the metal well being while some faces the physical well being. The difficult part is whether out world is actually growing up well enough to treat such severe diseases or not. Talking about one such severe diseases called Dementia, people must be aware about its signs, symptoms, causes and treatment to make sure that if such thing happens to any family member how should it be responded and in what manner.  There are so many causes of this diseases and Alzheimer's disease is one of them.


To talk about Dementia disease in a border way, it is a brain malfunction due to which patient suffers from the long term loss of the ability. If the patient gets affected with this type of diseases, he may face issue like inability to think or memories the things. Besides, this type of diseases also hampers the regular function and certainly affects the daily functioning, due to which the routine certainly gets disturbed. To diagnose this is pretty simple and noticeable. A person can know whether the patient is actually affected if his regular behavior defers as compared to his previous behavior.

Common Symptoms to come across:

  • Depression and/or anxiety
  • Balance problems
  • Speech and language difficulty
  • Hallucinations
  • Disinhibition and impulsivity
  • Agitation
  • Tremor
  • Trouble Eating or Swallowing
  • Memory Distortions
  • Wandering or Restlessness

Depression is yet another symptom that is commonly found among the people with this type of disorder. There are certain aggression feeling that can also be noticed for which controlling it become pretty much difficulty and challenging too. However, to treat it properly, it equally important to know what is the exact cause behind this disorder so that proper step can be taken in a better way and easily.

Types of Dementia:

There are so many other diseases that cause Dementia or are classified as a type of it. Some of the most common reasons are:

  1. Alzheimer’s disease: In this disorder, there are certain brain cells which are surrounded with certain abnormal protein while their internal structure gets damaged. Generally in such diseases memory issue is quite common.
  2. Vascular dementia: In this order, there is less supply of oxygen that reaches to brain. It generally occurs due to certain blood vessels blockages which increases the risk of brain cells as well.
  3. Mixed dementia: this is a severe among other types of dementia for the fact that the already affected patient faces more issues and mixture of symptoms and is highly noticeable among people Alzheimer’s disease and vasculardementia
  4. Dementia with Lewy bodies: In this type, there are abnormal structures that get developed inside the brain cells due to which the chances of brains cells death are more.
  5. Frontotemporal dementia: In this type of disorder, both the part of the brain gets damaged due to which chances of person death increases.

There are so many reasons and causes due to which dementia can take place. Stroke is another reason due to which person may get prone to these diseases. However, to treat this problem, though there are so many medicines available, but it is equally true that it is not completely curable but its signs and symptoms can certainly get reduced down.

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