Wedding Website Names: Real Examples & Tips to Choose a Perfect One

Posted by Joseph C. Speller on December 21st, 2020

Looking for website wedding names? You have come to the right place. We have this kept article short and to the point because we understand that you have loads of other arrangements to worry about and can’t afford to spend a lot of time on choosing a name for your wedding website. At the same time, we understand how important it is for you to get it right because after all, its your special day. In this article, we will be sharing two things:

1) Important considerations and tips when deciding on your wedding website name.
2) Examples of some popular and unique wedding website names with photos of those websites.

We will also help you avoid common mistakes while picking out the ideal wedding website name e.g. some couples go for a long wedding website URL such as “” which doesn’t feel very tasteful. Additionally, remembering and typing long URLs may get complicated for older guests.

Are You Ready? Register your wedding website domain name.

Tips for Choosing Wedding Website Names:

1) Keep it Easy & Memorable:

If your desired wedding website name is available, don’t wait. Register it before anyone else does. A good idea is to go for a domain that has both of your names. That makes it easier to remember for your loved ones and a little bit more unique for you. You can consider the following type of combinations:


You can also go for last names:


Or add something catchy and fun in there which tells something about yourselves:


Moreover, you can also use a URL Shortener such as Google’s URL Shortener or even Bitly to keep your URL shorter on the invitations.

Suggestion: You can get wedding website ideas and register your wedding domain names from Temok because it is simple to use and is not littered with advertisements.

2) Don’t go for Wedding Website Name Providers:

Going for a long and complicated name like the ones provided by wedding portals such as the knot and Zola are not recommended. You will be getting names like which is hard to remember and leaves you with a limited set of options.

Suggestion: Go for a proper website name via a domain provider such as Temok. Simply enter the first name that comes to mind and play around with our domain name finder till you get the wedding website name of your choice.

3) Try out different Domain Extensions:

Lets say you want to go with the name . What if using our domain searching tool, you find that this name is not available and taken by someone else. What do you do then? One way to bypass this is to change the domain extension (portion of the name that comes after the dot e.g. the .com in You can try going for .net or .org or any of the hundreds of other domain extensions till you find one that is available ad to your liking.

4) Some good formats:

Some of the commonly used formats when it comes to wedding website names include:

  • [name]and[name]
  • [name]plus[name]
  • [name]loves[name]
  • The[Lastname]’s

Suggestion: You don’t have to follow these formats. Think outside the box and go for what appeals to you and your partner.

5) Consider the Price:

Some wedding names can be super expensive. This is especially true for very in demand and common wedding website names. You are streetched as it is for your wedding arrangements. You might as well save some money here by going for Temok and finding a name that fits your budget requirements.

6) Consider Distribution Channels:

You’ll be sharing your wedding website name with everyone using multiple channels, including emails, WhatsAppphotos and stationery etc. It is essential to consider the distribution channels when brainstorming for a wedding website name. Try to picture how the name will look when written down on a mug or a card (if you are going for a gift basket to send to your guests). Same goes for other channels.

Wedding domain names; Photo Albums

7) Use a Phrase:

Another way to make your wedding website name stand out is to use a phrase like:

This phrase is easy to remember, relates well to the situation and is fun as well.

Bonus Tip:

A great way to surprise your partner is to get two wedding domains instead of one. Use the first one to invite your guests. Use the second one to surprise your partner as a big reveal on your big day.

Wedding Website Names: Real Examples

Wedding domain names: Exmaple 1
Wedding domain names: Exmaple 2
Wedding domain names: Exmaple 3
Wedding domain names: Exmaple 4

Final words:

Many people consider wedding website names with proper extensions. However, it is essential to be aware that the TLDs (Extensions you are going to choose) have been in existence since the start of the world wide web. So, it is an excellent idea to search and register your favorite domain names before anyone else does.

Fortunately, brand new wedding website names (or only domains) offer you a solution to customize your internet address and make it even more purposeful. When a domain is done correctly, it may be magical when you give a title such as says everything.

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