How to Improve Vocabulary for TOEFL Examination

Posted by nitishasherawat on May 22nd, 2014


Whether it is TOEFL or IELTS, having a good vocabulary contributes to your success score. Both of the examinations are meant to evaluate your understanding of English language as a foreign language. Any student cannot be successful in the TOEFL or IELTS examination without having a good vocabulary. Having a good vocabulary means that you know a large number of words and by this, we mean that you understand their usage, spelling, grammatical importance, meaning and even synonyms and antonyms related. Just knowing a word is always not sufficient in a TOEFL examination.

Most of the students give TOEFL examination after finishing their high school. During this time, they have forgotten most of the rules of grammar, sentence making and even vocabulary due to lack of usage and practice. Therefore, they require professional help for the TOEFL preparation in Gurgaon. With a series of practice sessions and a lot of reading, most of the students successfully clear their TOEFL examination with great scores. Since vocabulary can be a deciding factor in the examination, you must try to develop it by following these simple steps:

-          Learn new words daily: instead of hogging your brain with new words in one day and forgetting them another, you must try to start your learning process on daily basis. Try to acquire a list of new words and their meanings and learn around 5 a day. Repeat them next day and learn new batch again. This will be quite helpful in keeping all the new words in mind.

-          Read a lot: reading is the key to success in TOEFL preparation in Noida. You will have to read a lot of literature, newspapers and magazine to improve your word bank. Apart from this, you should also find out the meanings of every word you are reading for the first time along with their synonyms, antonyms, sentence making, and grammar as well. It will help you to use it or find out its usage in any word group.

-          Take sample grammar and vocabulary test: by taking sample vocabulary and grammar examination online will help you to find out how well you are doing. Also, you can register for the websites who provide weekly sheets of sample TOEFL tests.

Along with following these steps, you must also discuss it with a professional coaching center for TOEFL preparation in Gurgaon. Take their classes and work regularly on your vocabulary.

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