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Posted by Cassandra27 on May 23rd, 2014

Shocking news, everyone! Liking Swtor2credits Facebook will save up to $16 giveaways for swtor credits. Though a majority of swtor fans have gone through childhood, who can vote down rights to recall the sweetest memories of those carefree ages? Happy Children’s Day! Now swtor2credits facebook invites you to like our page and involves in our activities to save up to $16 giveaways for buying swtor credits on

As long as joining in swtor2credits Facebook, $1 cash coupon is granted.

Ever in swtor2credits history, such a great giveaway is granted. Anywho who joins in this activity From May 29, 2014 to June 12,2014 GMT, is able to gain free $1 cash coupon. The cash coupon is provided in the membership page of swtor2credits facebook. Besides, apart from like swtor2credits Facebook to gain free giveaways,players can also get free $1 giveaway through below ways.

1. Share our facebook posts in your timeline.
2. Leave your preciously constructive suggestion on our facebook page.
3. Share your amazing swtor gaming screenshots on our page.

To the above giveaways, fans can ask for rewards from the admin in the activity period (From May 29, 2014 to June 12.2014.GMT.). Note: everyone owns one chance only and the voucher has no rules in valid time. In addition, exclusive giveaways grant every swtor2credits facebook fan with up to $15 cash coupon. See how can you get them?

In brief: Refer friends $5 + Everyday Lucky Dog $2 + popular Screenshot $8

Option one: Old Fan Refers 5 New Friends for $5 cash coupon.

Old swtor2credits facebook fan can refer five new freinds for extra $5 cash coupon. The more new fans they refer, the more free $5 coupon they earn.

Option two: everyday Lucky Dog.

During our activity, we will randomly select one fan as our Lucky Dog for extra $2 cash coupon everyday. The only rule here is that every fan has only one chance. That is to say, as long as you are chosen as Lucky Dog, you have no chance to be selected again.

Option three: Having a popular Screenshot on swtor2credits facebook.

You can share your swtor gaming screenshot or a photo impressed you with the deepest memories in your childhood on our page, and then ask your friends to like your screenshot. As long as the total likes of your screenshot are over 10 by the end of our activity, you gain extra $8 cash coupon.

All these options award you with extra $15 cash Coupon. If you can do sequential interactions with swtor2credits facebook. You can get more apart from this activity through swtor2credits facebook.
1. If you keep in touch with swtor2credits facebook sequentially for five to ten days, you can gain extra $2 cash coupon. The sequential interactions include leaving meaasages on pages; liking posts, sharing posts and screenshots.

2. If you keep your interactions with swtor2credits facebook for more than 10 days during our activity, you earn extra $5 cash coupon.

Activity time: From May 29, 2014 to June 12.2014.GMT.
Cash Coupon valid time: All Cash Coupon will expired after11:59 PM GMT on June 30, 2014.

1. $1 free giveaways can be seen on member’s facebook page. Like to see your $1 cash coupon.
2. All extra cash coupon will be given to fans after activity until 11:59 PM GMT on june 15th, 2014.
3. Cash coupon rules:
$1 cash coupon can be used as long as you buy swtor credits on
$2 cash coupon can be used as long as credits valued $20 are bought.
$5 cash coupon can be used as long as credits valued $30 are bought.
$8 cash coupon can be used as long as credits valued $50 are bought.

Shocking news, everyone! Liking Swtor2credits Facebook to Gain Free Cash Coupon , you will save up to $16 giveaways for buying swtor credits on Swtor2credits from May 29, 2014 to June 12,2014

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