The Distinct Flavor of Chardonnay White Wine

Posted by BigCorkVineyards on May 23rd, 2014

White wine is one of the most popular wines worldwide. Most of these popular white wines come from the Chardonnay grape. These types of white wines are referred to as chardonnay wines. Many people around the world have embraced the fame and great taste of this quality drink. The aromas and personalities of white wines always vary depending on factors including where they are bottled and also how they were processed.

Chardonnay originally traces its roots back to France, from the legendary family of Champagne and Burgundy. However, as time passed, it’s popularity spread across the globe. This is chiefly because many winemakers have come to realize its distinct flavor, making it a very important part of the world economy. Consequently, there has been a large production and harvest of Chardonnay grape in many parts of the world. The Chardonnay grape can easily adjust to many climates and is also easy to manage.

The Australian Chardonnay is considered to be one of the most unique of all the types of chardonnays found around the world. It is unquestionably citrus and it is faintly greenish. This fruit has helped Australians gain their national self-esteem, having proven that they can also produce Chardonnay wine with aging potential and authentic refinement. The Chardonnay white wine has become popular with many wine suppliers the world over. This is because it incorporates a dependable marketplace with support from many customers. The Chardonnay plant produces high yields and grows well in various places because of its flexibility with environmental conditions, making wine production much easier. The most used technique for the aging and fermentation process of the Chardonnay grape in the modern days is through the use of oak barrels.

Ice-cold Chardonnay when paired with recipes that have cheesy a taste, makes a perfect combination. This combination is in most cases harmonized with the scrumptious tastes of chicken and turkey, smoked fish or different types of seafoodincluding prawns and oysters. Similarly, fresh-flavored and un-oaked Chardonnay makes a great accompaniment for salads and grilled dishes. Chardonnay undeniably portrays a versatile image. It can accommodate wide variety of palates and works well with any type of food matching styles. Chardonnays show a discrepancy in accordance to distinctiveness and superiority. The best selection of chardonnay wines, however, can be very pricey. Because chardonnay it is the most flexible white wine accessible, it maintains it’s position around as the most favored of wines. Below is a list of chardonnays that you will certainly love.

  1. The Armchair Critic 2012 Chardonnay- This is a well-balanced chardonnay with character and complexity, crafted to a crisp and revitalizing style. It is slightly oaked.
  1. Cockfighters Ghost Hunter Valley 2010 Chardonnay- This chardonnay has a vibrant straw green color with lifted white peach aromas. The palate offers a balanced amalgamation of tasty white nectarine flavors supported by subtle French oak which provides an extradensity. A good lick of acidity in this type of chardonnay displays mandarin and apricot flavors and gives it a spicy oak finish.
  1. Grosset 2012 Chardonnay-This type of chardonnay originates and is deliberately restrained to the cool Piccadilly Valley in the Adelaide Hills. Its succulent white peach, melon and grapefruit characters are what give rise to a, fresh and focused chardonnay white wine with a refined taste and deep underlying complexity.
  1. Tarrawarra Estate 2011 Chardonnay-Chardonnay grapes for this type of white wine for are all hand-harvested, chilled overnight and all whole bunch-pressed. Half of the wine produced is then fermented in original French oak barrels. The other half of the wine tank fermented.

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