Perforated Metal Mesh for Ceiling?

Posted by freemexy on December 22nd, 2020

As an Architectural Wire Mesh Factory, share with you. There are many
different names for punching aluminum plates in the production and sales
of aluminum ceilings, such as perforated aluminum plates, aluminum
alloy punched plates, punched aluminum ceilings, punched aluminum gusset
plates, punched aluminum veneers, etc. So what does the punching
aluminum plate do?To get more news about perforated metal ceiling, you can visit official website.

Perforated Metal Mesh sound has a very little reflection. When the sound
wave is incident on the surface of the porous material, it causes air
vibration in the micropores. Due to the frictional resistance and the
viscous resistance of the air and the heat conduction effect, a
considerable part of the sound energy is converted into heat energy,
thereby playing a sound-absorbing role. And the perforated aluminum
buckle plate has good ventilation performance, which is a typical
sound-absorbing and breathable aluminum ceiling. Therefore, punching
aluminum ceilings is also widely used in school classrooms, offices,
large shopping malls, movie theaters, computer rooms and other public
places. Too tight or too wide punching of the stainless steel punching
plate is the most important reason for affecting the appearance,
followed by the color. Different colors are used on different occasions,
so the color is also the cause of the bad appearance.

The punching shape of the stainless steel punching plate is an important
parameter that determines whether the appearance of the product is
beautiful. In general, the punching of the steel plate of the aluminum
veneer can be designed into a round, square, or plum shape according to
actual needs. The shape, the larger the mesh opening, the lighter the
weight of the aluminum veneer, but the weaker the pressure resistance
and tensile strength, which affects the application of the steel plate
punching aluminum veneer. Therefore, the customer must design the size
of the mesh according to the actual needs of the project.

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