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Posted by liyojosef987 on May 23rd, 2014

Trade shows are usually perked with a great deal of monotony, where you either hear certain bids and auctions or simple exhale of the already exhausted and not interested traders. Taking the need of the hour into consideration, there have been a few twists in the tale where the boring trade meetings have been developed into a full capsule which comprises corporate messaging, humor and magic stints to it which creates a jocular and light atmosphere. The show revolves around the acts performed by the Trade Show Magician whose prime job remains to play with the tired minds so that they are able to fetch good deals for the clients. Though a new concept yet it is becoming quite popular with the masses because of its unique and weird strands.

Trade Show Presenter juggles various tricks in order to bring out the motive and objective behind the corporate get together clearly and lucidly. The gravity is not taken away by the introduction of such minute get a way’s instead they act as fillers and taps between the usually boring board room meetings or trade shows. The shows are conducted in a very responsible manner since the major objective remains to crack huge deals by the end of it; therefore it is not everyone’s cup of tea to become a Trade Show Traffic Builder. Trained and experienced people are hired for this purpose who while maintaining the dignity and essence are able to incorporate a sense off merriment in the overall show. The substantial deciding factor is the choice of place as to where such a show can be conducted which can garner the desired results for the client. The two possible catchments remain to be either aisle side presentations or theatre presentations. Both the categories are dealt with, in different manners. In the first one the location is the aisle of the booth where simple hand magic is performed and in the second one the attendees are presented with the show at the theatre seats.

The basic objective of such shows is the marketing of the company’s objectives with the presentation of the overview of the company, products and credentials which in turn increases the levels of quality production. There are many bodies and firms that organize such shows with a slew of expert magicians under their belt, Thin Air Productions can be considered once in the same direction.

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