React Native vs Flutter- which one you should choose?

Posted by Linda Petrova on December 22nd, 2020

React native vs flutter- which one you should choose? Most app developers concern with this simple question yet lots of solutions have been proposed. React native or more likely React is an app developing framework as well as flutter. Both have some similarities and dissimilarities. It is pretty harder to differentiate between these two and making one better, however, this short article can assist our developers to figure out the real sketch.

Similarities between React & Flutter

In a word, both are apps developing frameworks as we said earlier. Every day you are using several types of apps like social media apps, accounting, games, beauty apps, and so on. Usually, most apps have been created with these two platforms. Yet there are some similarities between these two-

  • Both are highly professional apps for developing platforms.
  • An open-source framework to build user-amicable apps.
  • Compatible for android, ios, windows, and others.
  • Faster coding capabilities.
  • Both came from prominent servers. Flutter from google and React from Facebook.

While comparing between two provisions, both similarities and distinguishes exist. These two have some differences too. To keep the session short, we’ll discuss those in another topic, later.

Advantages of Flutter & React Native


-       Developers best choice.

-       Google platform as background.

-       Classy outlook, adorable structure.

-       Easy coding to create user-friendly and responsive apps.

-       Best for (r)esellers.

React Native

-       Older than Flutter yet smarter.

-       Easy to use codings.

-       Most useful apps are built with React.

-       Renowned apps like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram use React Native.

-       Best for social media apps.

Which one you should choose?

Depending on user choices and preferences, apps developers regularly update their creations, modifying with innovative ideas, getting closer to clients by responsiveness. Being a developer, anyone can choose any platform for frameworks. In a nutshell, both framework facilities are shown below-

Why choose Flutter?

When you surf the internet, you search for keywords in real. Those sites who match absolute or authentic keyword- shows up on front pages. This is because of google ranking and site optimization. Likewise, a mobile app has rankings, reviews (we see dazzling rating stars there), strategies, and innovations. Flutter is used nowadays widely because of its fabulous gesture. People look for responsive apps, faster performance, and easy installation processes. Flutter is such a platform that keeps these things at the utmost priority. Developers feel comfy using and creating smooth apps without tons of codings. Having a google background, flutter apps easily get rank on the playstore.

Why choose R. Native?

The most convincing criteria for choosing react native is its popularity. As if it was launched earlier, lots of developers are adapted to it. Without React native, social apps creation is a bit clumsy, time-consuming, and weird on & off. Moreover, this framework uses javascript that every app developers know I think.

Bottom Line

Which one won this battle? You can comment or share ideas in comment sections. In my view, Flutter will overtake React sooner or later. Flutter provides better performance, flexible UI components, and own widgets. Furthermore, flutter is a speedy framework that uses Dart programming language, a newly developed one. If you want superb performance and finishing, use Flutter. You won’t regret I assure you. Stay tuned for more informative articles later. Thank you and take care!

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