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Posted by viral mafia digital on December 22nd, 2020

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is essential for any organization. A successful SEO approach helps your company rank higher in search engines, such as Google, and helps to improve search engine rankings and increase traffic to your website. SEO is also the best way to increase the performance of your website by making it user-friendly, easier to navigate, easier to understand and quicker in terms of the speed at which your website is loaded.

There are several aspects to take care when implementing Techniques for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), So you must be aware of the most common SEO errors, so you don’t make them yourself.

Here are 10 common SEO mistakes to prevent when you’re doing SEO for your website.

 1. Choosing Wrong Keywords

One of the main factors of SEO is choosing the right keywords for your website so that search engines like Google can rank your website based on that keyword.

When describing the business and its products and services, it’s more important to consider what terms the consumers will use when looking for the products or services that you are providing. One of the most common errors is to ignore search engine preference in keyword selection and the use of long-tail keywords. You need to recognize that the keywords that you may find right might mean something entirely different for others, or might be too generic for your users.

In both cases, you’ll probably target your website with all the wrong keywords. Before you start the optimization process with the appropriate collection of keywords, it is very important to do proper research carefully. Various tools are available, such as Google Keyword Planner, Google Trends, and SEMrush, which can help you find the best keywords related to your business.

2. Keyword Stuffing

If you think you’re good at using keywords as much as possible in your text, don’t do that. It is a misguided technique. Using many keywords on your webpage is the wrong strategy in SEO. You may think that using keywords in your content as much as possible is good, don’t do that.  Google treats it as a spammy material that results in your SEO loss. An approach like this is useless and unhealthy for your target audience.

Google’s Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) may also be a useful method. This software recognizes your subject and helps to identify where keywords should be used.

3. Duplicate and Irrelevant Content

Let’s understand what duplicate content is. In SEO terms, duplicate content means the same content is present in the same domains in more than one web page. The issue with duplicate content is that search engines are unable to determine which content they will index, which ultimately results in the search results not turning up the content. There are multiple versions of homepages that are used by search engines. We are often called material duplicate. Most of the time search engines manage to find out which version they will index, but sometimes they get it wrong.

You need to focus on those keywords when you are writing the site’s content. The keyword should be relevant to the content. If keywords are not relevant to the topic, it will be recognized by SEO and it will be bad for SEO optimization.   The principal aim of Google is to produce the best content. And if content management isn’t good, then the rating would be poor.

4. Ignoring Title Tags and Meta Descriptions

Title tags and Meta descriptions provide vital aspects of the SEO as they are used by search engines to figure out how the content is linked. If it’s done correctly, the content output will be good, otherwise, the results will be bad. Likewise, putting alt text shouldn’t miss out. This is one of the most common SEO errors, as well. They are used to tell bots what the picture is about. Bots cannot see the picture, so they judge the content by the alt text.

5. Ignoring Google My Business Listing

One important problem in Search Engine Optimization is not claiming Google My Business listings. As Google started to promote location-related searches, the best chance for small businesses is to reassert their location, provide all information and answer any questions that might be available.

6. Poor Loading Time

Another mistake that business owners make when working on SEO is to neglect the importance of optimizing their website loading speed. Uncompressed images, big videos and several advertisements will worsen the website. Google and other search engines prioritize the classification of sites that load visitors quickly and not wait too long.

Make sure all photos and videos on your site are optimized and that you do not add videos that slow down your site and make it difficult to use. Therefore, with a great web host, you will ensure that your site still runs smoothly and quickly.

7. Using Black Hat Methods

A lot of businesses use black hat techniques to achieve quicker results. Through breaking search engine rules, these activities affect the search results. These strategies are more dangerous to use when optimizing the website because search engines, particularly Google, aggressively track and then penalize or even ban websites that try to violate the guidelines. Popular black hat tactics include exchanges of links, stuffing of keywords, spamming of blog comments, purchasing links and secret text.

8. Considering Link Building Optional

Backlinks are links that are guided to your website. The more backlinks, the more popular your website is. Backlinks are believed to be key to Search Engine Optimization as various search engines, like Google, give greater credibility to those with several backlinks. This reality is commonly acknowledged and implemented by the leading Search Engine Optimization Agency in India, but there are digital advertisement strategists who are trying to ignore the value of link building. It is obvious, however, an incorrect move.

As a result, link building plays a key role in the accomplishments of the Search Engine Optimization Services determines how Google will decide which websites will be included on the first Google Search web page.

9. Not Optimizing For Mobile

We live in the “modern age,” a time when people use their mobile phones rather than their PCs. Google has explicitly confirmed that mobile optimization is a significant ranking consideration that can no longer be ignored. Mobile optimization is a must to rank in the SERPs. Some small business owners may not have a clue how to do that, but that’s not a concern. There are a lot of videos online, and with a little work and accuracy, your website can progress to the next level. You may also get the aid of the digital marketing firm to get you started.

10. No Image Tags (alt tags)

Do you know that the images on your site are searchable and that you can take action to customize them for search engines? Most of the people don’t. When you add an image to a blog or save it to your computer, you have the option to rename the image and give it an alt tag as well. The alt tag is a summary of what’s on the picture. Google doesn’t read the pictures. It reads the text, which is why your pictures must have old tags attached to them. Otherwise, it’s as if there’s no picture to scan for bots. Image explanations and translations help display the image as well,

Now that you know all the deadly SEO errors, try to make a focused effort to stop them by 2020. If you don’t design your website for mobile devices, have specific goals, concentrate on various types of content, you can end up suffering. Consider using new SEO strategies and keep up-to-date with the latest ones to stay ahead of the competition.

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