Pros and Cons of Mobile Advertising Solutions

Posted by arun on May 23rd, 2014

Pros and Cons of Mobile Advertising Solutions

An offset of internet marketing, mobile advertising solutions have become one of the most preferred mediums of communicating to the end user or customer. There are both advantages and disadvantages in using the mobile platform to advertise your organization. Let’s take a look at them:

The PROs

  • A huge advantage of going for mobile advertisements is the wide reach. With billions of mobile phone users across the world, the reach is almost phenomenal.
  • The next advantage of such advertisements is instant reach. People generally have their mobile phones with them 24/7. Even if they don’t have, they will definitely check it at regular intervals. So, you can be assured that prospective customers will look at your advertisement. Whether they follow it up or not depends on the strength and creativity of your ad campaign. Moreover, the prospective customer will also have access to your advertisement even when they are travelling.
  • This marketing mode lets you get personal with your customer. If you are planning to offer deals and discounts, you can directly give this interesting news to your customer.
  • Some mobile advertising companies create location-based ad campaigns to ensure specific reach. It also helps cut down on cost of sending advertisements to thousands of people who may not have anything to do with the product or the location.
  • Mobile advertisements are a great way to create a brand. Market research studies have shown that mobile ads have a greater click rate when compared to PC ads.

 The CONs

The disadvantages of using mobile advertising solutions are few, but of great significance. Some of the downsides of this marketing platform are:

  • You could be infringing on the prospective customer’s privacy, which could sometimes backfire and damage the reputation of your company.
  • Mobile advertising companies have to spend a lot of time and effort on designing these ad campaigns. They have to create different campaigns to suit different sizes and capabilities of Smartphones to ensure good user experience. For a web ad, one advertisement template will probably suffice to reach out to millions of users. But for mobile ads, unique templates have to be created for various mobile platforms.
  • The speed of data transfer and download is relatively slow in a mobile phone, which could hamper the user experience.
  • Another huge disadvantage of mobile ads is that Smartphones may be formatted to block ads. So, all your hard work could go to nothing as you won’t even be able to reach the prospective client with your mobile advertising solutions.

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