Four Common Situations That Need You to Hire an Employee Lawyer in Los Angeles

Posted by Marcus McGowan on December 22nd, 2020

Whereas many workplace-related disputes can be resolved effectively through discussion with the HR department or sitting with the management or employer, at times workplace scenarios crop up wherein it becomes vital for workers to contact knowledgeable employee lawyer in Los Angeles for legal guidance. Without legal support, workers like you may struggle due to violation of their workplace rights that consequently affects your family and professional lives. For a better understanding, we focus on four common issues that you may encounter at any time in your career life while working with a lawyer should be your priority.

Sexual Harassment

As termed by law, sexual harassment defines unwelcome conduct by violating Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, 1964 or/and state-specified employment laws. While unwelcome requests for sexual advances or favors create an offensive and hostile work environment and affecting a worker’s mindset, dignity as well as job performance, such behavior is acknowledged as sexual harassment. In addition, retaliation against the harassed worker for reporting sexual harassment to a higher authority is equally illegal. If you’re almost frantic to find a way out of being a victim of sexual harassment, consult with an experienced employee lawyer in Los Angeles who will suggest your further action plan and go for a lawsuit if the conduct continues.   

Discrimination in the Workplace

Discrimination in terms of national origin, race, religion, ethnicity, age, disability, sex as well as pregnancy in the workplace is often experienced which is again illegal under both federal and state laws. Although the law is set, employers continue to involve in discriminatory hiring, firing, retaliation, and workplace practices while deciding about promotion, increment, etc because it’s truly challenging for any worker to establish the facts. This is the basic reason why having a professional employee lawyer in Los Angeles in regards to the discriminatory treatment you’re facing is so important. A specialized attorney knows how to acquire evidences to establish you’re discriminated from others. The evidences support your claim while you get protection from retaliation.

Wrongful Termination

It doesn’t matter whether you are hired as an ‘at-will’ worker, in case you are laid-off without showing a reason and that makes you feel that you are terminated illegally, it’s crucial to get in touch with a trusted employee lawyer in Los Angeles immediately. Considering that there are deadlines for filing a lawsuit hire a lawyer without any delay. In legal terms even ‘at-will’ just cannot be fired on discriminatory grounds or as retaliation against reporting sexual abuse, unsafe working conditions to higher authorities, for taking a leave to put his/her voting right, and so on. With a lawyer beside,  you can sue your employer and get considerable compensation for your job loss. Note carefully, that if you are unlawfully terminated, never sign any paper, don’t raise your voice online, or agree to resign – and always consult a lawyer for setting the next plan of action.

Wage/Hour/Overtime Claims

Wage and hour claim typically address a violation of the minimum wage rule, wrong classification of full-time workers as contractors, no payment or wages, hour-related disputes, inadequate break time, overtime issues, and various others. While violation of wage, hour, and overtime rules is found frequently in the workplace, establishing such violations or claiming them is virtually impossible for workers who don’t have the legal rules about their compensation and workplace rights. So, if you guess that your employer is paying you less than you should, it is viable to consult with a learned employee lawyer in Los Angeles for taking up the case by law.

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