Significance of Ihram for umrah performance

Posted by williamson on December 22nd, 2020

In the Islamic context, the word Ihram is of Arabic origin that translates to the meaning “to be forbidden”. Conceptually speaking, Ihram is a state of absolute purity which a pilgrim is required to be in to perform Hajj or Umrah; both before entering the perimeter of Makkah city. If any any pilgrim want to travel for makkah from London,Many travel agencies are offering cheap Umrah Packages UK.

Once the Pilgrims have entered the state of Ihram and made the intention for it, its necessary to abide by its rules and regulations. Consequently, a person in the state of Ihram is referred to as a ‘Muhrim’; one who has made things forbidden upon himself.

What is Ihram Clothing?

Ihram is an article of clothing worn by pilgrims for the performance of the holy rituals of the Minor pilgrimage or Hajj as well. For men, it consists of two simple, white-colored unstitched cloths/sheets. One is used to cover the upper half of the body while the second one is used to cover the lower half of the body. On the other hand, Ihram for women can be their ordinary clothes but the ones that are under the teachings of Islam.

Why Ihram is Important for Umrah Performance?

Ihram is a necessary state that a pilgrim has to be in as prescribed in the religion. It’s compulsory for a believer to have entered the state of Ihram before beginning its umrah and hajj rituals. Otherwise, the performance of holy rituals is not valid.
The religious and social benefit of wearing an Ihram attire is that all humanity; irrespective of gender, rank, sect, ethnic origin, or wealth, is equal before God Almighty. The two pieces of white, unstitched cloth, worn by the pilgrims remove all semblance of social, cultural, and political differences between them for the sake of equality before Allah Almighty. Therefore, encouraging Muslim unity as well.


After wearing your Ihram clothing, it is a Sunnah act to offer two Rakats of Salat-al-Ihram before making the intention of Ihram. This should also be performed by a pilgrim before the Meeqat has been crossed.

Niyyah for Ihram.

In Islam, Niyyah intended for any deed determines the reward for it from Allah Almighty. The same is the case with umrah performance as well as wearing Ihram.
The Niyyah should be made at the Meeqat boundary, or close to the Meeqat as you move towards it. After having entered the state of Ihram, the intention must be made honestly from the heart although, it’s also Mustahabb to utter the Niyyah verbally in either Arabic or your native language.
Furthermore, it is also recommended to stipulate the purpose of Ihram while making the intention for it; specifying whether it is worn for Hajj or Umrah rituals.

 Hence, if you are travelling to the region for the holy rituals by Cheap Umrah Packages, these are some of the basic things to know about Ihram.



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