Electronic parts

Posted by anvarsayal on December 22nd, 2020

Electronic parts

Buying electronic components can be very tricky at times and can be overly expensive. In some cases, buying a new electronic device is easier than buying parts for the same device, because the cost is only nearly 90% of the cost of a new device. Also, most of the electronic components that people buy are not genuine and of poor quality in the end, eventually causing the entire appliance to malfunction or be destroyed. This has led many to a great fear of not buying any electronic components at all.

Features of good electronic components:

1. Description, size, electronic capacity and color in most cases are suitable for the original part.

2. Supplied with screws, nuts, bolts, or other related accessories required to attach to the appliance.

3. Often recommended by household appliance manufacturers.

4. Instruction manual and attachment method are provided together.

5. There is a pictorial representation of how it fits and works for the device in question.

6. Most are manufactured by the companies that make the device.

How to identify genuine electronic components:

1.Genuine Electronic Components Warranty or Refund Electronic Components The manufacturer of that component assures you that the component is efficiently tested, tested and proven and ready to recover and replace malfunctions, replace with new parts or refund. Means. Consumers should keep in mind the refund and return policy, the duration of the warranty, who to contact to claim the warranty, the parts and repair issues covered by the warranty, and whether it includes consequential damage.

2. Genuine electronic parts dealer provides sales service. Dealers of electronic components must be able to provide services such as transportation and installation to ensure that the parts are genuine. You should also be able to contact you later for complaints and explanations.

3. Genuine electronic components do not change the device's normal function and should feel the same as the original. For example, TV electronic replacements should be tested for picture, sound and color quality compared to the original parts. Electronic components that worsen the device's function are bad

4. Pay attention to the heat effect. Most electronic products are damaged by overheating. Before and after replacing parts, you should pay attention to the tendency of the appliance to heat up. Most of the electronic components that increase the heating effect of the device are not genuine and must be removed before the device is damaged.

Consumer Protection Guide:

Buyers should be familiar with their consumer protection rights. These are designed to protect you from unscrupulous manufacturers or dealers. Some of the basics of consumer protection rights include:

* Right to warranty service.

* The right to have a dated and stamped receipt for all payments and

* Right to follow manufacturer's instructions.

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