3 Necessary Methods For Preparing Fish On The Grill

Posted by Shweta Rai on December 22nd, 2020

Once in a while, it's good to take a break from heavy meat like beef and pork. Consider grilling fish - it's a lighter meal but equally fulfilling. Fish that are firm and thick are most ideal for the grill mainly because they won't stick as much and won't fall apart very easily. Halibut, salmon, and tuna fish are great choices simply because they are loaded with natural oils (they don't dry up too rapidly).

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Stick to these 3 essential tips for grilling fish and you'll have light smoky and hearty food in no time!

Pick good quality seafood

While frozen goods are a choice, the fresh variety is most ideal. When at the market or store buying seafood, be familiar with its smell - there is certainly indeed that distinct odor but it shouldn't be too strong and won't make your pinch your nose together. Aim for one which is firm to the touch with moist, shiny skin and pink gills. The meat must be white, not beige or yellow. If you must purchase frozen fish, go simply for those well-packaged ones - tightly wrapped in plastic without dryness or freezer burns and displayed in a bright and clean section.

Prepare it right for the grill

Professionals advise in order to grill the fish on the day of purchase, based on the packaging's "use-by" date if bought iced. If you got it fresh, right away clean it and move it to a box. Protect it tightly then refrigerate until ready to grill. In the event, you got it iced, keep it in its initial packaging then refrigerate as well. Marinate for just about 3 to 4 hrs as the meat of fish is soft and could easily get mushy. Tuna fish, swordfish, and other dry, firm, and thicker fish are best for marinating. When grilling sensitive ones such as flounder or tilapia, it's perfect to cover them in foil packages so that they won't fall apart on your grill.

Grill it proper

When you're ready for the grill, ensure that your fish is dried out as a wet one won't sear. To prepare your fish, wash it with cold water then use a paper towel to pat it dry. If you're not using any marinade, clean the fish with oil then sprinkle it lightly with salt and black colored pepper before it hits the flames. Oil the grates and pre-heat the grill - this will help to prevent the fish from sticking to your grill.

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These 3 necessary methods for grilling seafood will help you successfully make light, tasty food!

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