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Posted by Lucy petterson on December 22nd, 2020

Many factors can cause our teeth to become dull and lose their bright and white sparkle. Brushing and flossing are the two ways that help you to keep your teeth bright, white, and in good condition. Nevertheless, if you still feel that you miss the sparkle you used to have while smiling or the teeth has become more yellow than it used to be, you don't have to worry. It is because teeth whitening is now one of the solutions for this problem.

You have to choose the best dentist in South East London for quality treatment. But before that, you should also have basic knowledge about what is teeth whitening? So that no one can deceive you.

Read on to understand it.

What is Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening is a process in which the dentist removes stains from the tooth surface and restores the teeth' natural color. This process is usually a one-time procedure performed by a dentist. Dentist in South East London has advanced whitening treatment procedures that give reliable and long-lasting results. For better results, you should get your teeth whitened by a highly skilled and trained dental professional. Teeth whitening in South East London is a simple process that can either be done at a dental office or home.

Whitening teeth at a dental office

 In this process, the dentist applies a gel on your teeth that is made of hydrogen peroxide. As the hydrogen peroxide is a natural bleaching agent, it also helps break stains into smaller pieces and make the color less concentrated on your teeth. Thus your teeth look brighter and white after this process. Teeth whitening in South East London usually takes one session if you visit an experienced dentist for whitening your teeth.

Teeth whitening at home

Suppose you want the teeth whitening process to be done at home by yourself. You can get it done by buying a professional home whitening kit. It includes custom-made trays that help a person fit their teeth and tubes of whitening gel with a lower concentration than the gel used in-office variety. The person has to wear this tray for some hours every day and, still, there's no guarantee that your teeth will be adequately bright and white. Thus it is better to visit the dentist for teeth whitening.

Benefits of getting your teeth whitening in South East London

A white, bright, and healthier smile is one of the most obvious reasons to get your teeth whitened. Having a straight and clean smile helps a person feel confident and, this can enhance your social and career opportunities. This process also helps to kill bacteria that might cause tooth decay, and it is also beneficial for our oral health to remain in good condition.

There is also a drawback to this treatment. Teeth whitening treatment by the dentist can last for about a year. Some people who use teeth whiteners may also experience tooth sensitivity for a limited time. Thus, a person needs to undergo a teeth whitening process after one year if you want to maintain your white color teeth. It is also considered healthy for overall oral health and beneficial for lasting a good and healthy smile.

Final Thoughts

Now, if you feel your teeth would benefit from whitening, and if you want to get expert teeth whitening treatment in South East London, you should visit The Mindful Dentist. They have a team of highly qualified and experienced dentist and can help you to solve your issue. To know more visit,

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