Corona virus pandemic: Delivering healthy babies through IVF amid COVID-19

Posted by Seeds IVF on December 22nd, 2020

Being a mother is the greatest gift a woman can get. You are considering IVF treatment but are you a little nervous about the current Covid-19 situation? This is only natural if you have such feelings. The virus has affected the lives of almost every single person in the world and has hit the health sector hard. There is an article about planning a pregnancy in the current situation and how you can protect yourself from this virus.

There are many myths about corona virus and if you have chosen or planned an IVF treatment, you should not be distracted by such information. Many couples opting for IVF have now found themselves in a quandary, as the epidemic has either closed many IVF centers or postponed their services. There are patients who have undergone embryo transplantation and oocyte recovery and are not sure how their next visit can be safe.

Don't worry

As it is new to mankind, little is known about the effects of the virus on pregnancy and growing fetuses. But according to available statistics, the virus can never cause miscarriages, premature births or malformations in babies. This aspect is the same for natural and IVF pregnancies.

Who can opt for fertility treatment

According to the current guidelines, any couple who wants to have a child can get IVF treatment even in the event of this epidemic. Make sure you are not Covid-9 positive during treatment. Parents who have been infected with corona virus should not go for fertility treatment until they have completely recovered from it. Couples who have fully recovered from the virus develop immunity and can move on with fertility like other parents.

Even with this epidemic, couples need to follow the same general health guidelines as before Covid-19. It is suggested that couples should also take care of their immunity and consume immune-boosting substances like vegetables, nuts, fruits etc.

No impact on the fetus

In the early days of Covid-19, doctors were unaware of the side effects of this on the fetus and therefore often advised their patients to postpone the birth. But now the situation is different. Some women became pregnant naturally during this epidemic and it was found that there was no effect on the fetus and no one could be safe during this period.

Anxiety about catching this disease during pregnancy can really create fear in couples. But you can protect yourself from the virus by following the guidelines for regular hand washing, bridging social gaps and avoiding outside foods.

It is better to test

Before opting for IVF, a patient can take the Covid-19 test, as treatment is always better than cure. This test will show if you are corona positive and this will boost your confidence. If any patient is tested positive, he / she will be advised to abstain as per the government norms and proceed with the treatment once the negative test is done and the desired immunity is developed.

Final thought

According to virologists, the virus will remain in the world for some time to come. Women who are in their late thirties and are struggling to conceive should also choose IVF for this contagious disease. Therefore, they can continue their reproductive process as postponing their delivery plan may reduce the chances of getting pregnant.

The whole situation is overwhelming, but you should not lose hope and continue IVF treatment. If you have any doubts about the treatment or looking for treatment, you can always consult to doctor of SeedsIVF through video conferencing and learn about all the possibilities and opportunities.

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