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Posted by Cassandra27 on May 26th, 2014

Recently, more and more outstanding guilds are being displayed to share their experience in ESO. However, a few players are trying their best to take advantage of PvP breaking. It is time to buy cheap Elder Scrolls Online gold to expel them now.

New guild to be introduced

“Die Erben von Hircine” worships the Daedric Prince of the hunt so that they have Daedric Prince of the Hunt and Father of the Manbeasta as their God Hircine. Hircine totally controls the Huntng Ground, his own plane of Oblivion. All members are loyal to him and he will bestow them in return. They are close to night, but need to keep alert to the inner beast. Their main mission is hunt down Molag Bal’s vampires.

This guild was founded on January, and until April 19, it had 77 members who are from Germany, and they are active in dungeons, because they like the stories in the Elder Scrolls Online. That doesn’t mean that they don’t have any special event in the guild.Actually, they have one event every weekend, like a PvP trial evening for newbies, a group photo event, killing world bosses together, and a worlout flash mob in Vulkhel Guard. All these event can be proved by photos.

In addition, they have had a unique TeamSpeak culture with the friendliness and maturity.

PvP breaking exploit

Recently, PvP breaking exploit becomes more and more prevailing in Caltrops, even some players claims that they have run into this situation twice one day, and some of them want to quit it. Besides, they suggest that Caltrops should be disabled unless a fix for this issue is completed. For this issue, ZOS has announced that they are hotfixing it. And they promise that, shortly after the Craglorn patch, a fix for this issue will go live.

What does make your guild special? Have you bothered by this issue in the game? As one of the ESO players, it is your responsibility to lead your guild to get rid away PvP breaking exploit. In this way, esocheapgold will try the best to help you with cheap ESO gold for sale.

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