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Posted by eTutorWorld Corporation on December 23rd, 2020

The SSAT, or Secondary School Admission Test, is a standardized admissions test required by around 900 private schools. Most of these schools are located in the United States and Canada, but some are also in other parts of the world.

There are three SSAT levels: elementary, middle, and upper level, each level corresponding to specific grades. For example, the Middle-Level SSATs are taken by students in Grades 5 to 7, while Upper-Level tests are for students in Grades 8 to 11.

Generally, the SSATs measure a student’s reading, quantitative, and verbal skills. Each level requires a different set of abilities and theoretical knowledge as well. Students in the upper classes, for instance, deal with algebra and geometry in the quantitative section. Meanwhile, the verbal section requires ample vocabulary and analogy knowledge.

It can be challenging for a young student to master the necessary skills for their admissions tests. Expert tutors advise that the learner take SSAT practice tests beforehand, ensuring that they have acquired the right amount of knowledge for each subject.

What is the best way to do well inSSAT practice tests? Here are some tips from expert tutors:

Regularly answer official practice tests

SSAT practice tests can be stressful to deal with on top of regular schoolwork. However, consistently taking these tests can help you analyze your performance. Comprehensive SSAT-integrated tests will show your strengths and weaknesses, allowing you to adjust your study plan to focus on your weaker subjects.

These tests are written by experts, containing relevant questions on different topics. Some practice worksheets even have timed sections to simulate the real thing. Once you’ve mastered these practice tests, the actual exam will become a breeze.


It’s crucial to maintain a consistent study plan at least three months ahead of the SSATs. That gives you enough time to cover all subjects; you even get to have breaks in between! Take SSAT practice tests repeatedly until you make fewer mistakes. You can also set goals for yourself to improve faster.

Take breaks

Getting enough rest is just as essential as taking practice tests. It’s best not to overwork yourself unless you want to arrive at the test venue mentally and physically exhausted. Make sure to keep yourself healthy and hydrated.

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