5 Ways to Show Your Remote Employees You Care

Posted by Successories on December 23rd, 2020

Remote employees, or employees working remotely part of the time, can be an essential part of your company, but it’s easy for them to feel disconnected from their peers. How can you boost their morale and show them that they are a vital part of your team? You can always set up a team video chat, but sometimes that doesn’t do quite enough to show them that they’re appreciated. Try sending personalized gifts to let your remote employees know they’re appreciated.

Beautiful Desktop Prints

Your remote employees are not at hand to see the motivational posters in the office that help promote a positive working environment—so you can send them a desktop print instead. Desktop prints are kind of like a miniature version of motivational posters. Desktop prints can help your remote team feel as though they’re in the office, and you can even choose a motivational desktop print that fits what you know of your remote employee’s personality.

Fun and Useful Keychains

Keychains are an excellent gift to show your appreciation because your remote team may find them incredibly useful even outside of work. You can personalize the keychains with company logos or send them a stylish design such as a succulent keychain that can demonstrate growth and success even during difficult times.

Functional Personalized Bags

When it comes to corporate gifts, a personalized bag with the company logo (or a motivational saying) is a great route to take. Your remote employee could use the bag to store their work laptop and other office essentials, or they could keep the bag for casual use outside of the work. A high-quality personalized bag featuring leather accents may be just the gift to tell your employee that you would go above and beyond to help them succeed with the company.

Cute Stress-Relievers

Even remote team members can feel stressed not only from their workload but also by their surroundings. A remote office, either in the home or in a rented space, is completely different from a team-based office environment. To help ease your remote employee’s mind and give them something fun to look at, you could send them a motivational stress-reliever. A squeezable stress-reliever may be just the thing to work off the tension (and you could even find them shaped like penguins or avocados).

Stylish Tumblers

There are many employee gifts you can choose from, yet nothing says “keep up the great work” like a tumbler because there is no doubt that nearly everyone one of your remote team members has coffee or tea nearby. A tumbler can be used for a long time and even taken on-the-go when to your employee’s favorite coffee shop so they can forgo the disposable cup. Although a tumbler is always an excellent choice, any of these articles of appreciation may be just what your remote employee needs for a motivational boost.

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