How to choose between CD Duplication and Replication?

Posted by XIM University on December 23rd, 2020

DVD or CD duplication and replication service is your one-stop solution when it comes to ensuring that the data and media on your valued DVDs and CDs are perfectly preserved during unwanted events like damage or theft. Moreover, converting all your older magnetic tape type media to discs will further help you keep all your favourite movies, photos and music safely preserved for years. Both the disc duplication and replication offered by WePrintDiscs are affordable and efficient. No matter what data you have, these two procedures will do the job just right. 

Which One to Choose? Disc Duplication or Replication

To get an answer to this, you need to know the difference between these two methods. Thus, for better understanding, let's find out what exactly is disc duplication and disc replication. 

DVD or CD Duplication

The disc duplication method includes taking an existing disc or master disc and then retrieving all the information, like movies, music tracks, images and more from it. After retrieving the information, it is written on the blank discs, thus creating copies that will be identical to the original CDs or DVDs. Once the process is done; the copy is compared to the original disc to ensure the data is duplicated precisely. That needs to be done correctly and to get the best result, and you can always trust WePrintDiscs.  

Some Advantages of Disc Duplication

1.  This process comes with a short turnaround time. In fact, for orders of thousands of units, the entire process can be done within a few days. 

2.   The duplicated CDs and DVDs can be printed digitally using a full spectrum of colours without facing any additional cost. That can be helpful when you want to distribute and sell duplicated discs at large units. 

DVD and CD Replication 

Instead of taking the master disc, the service provider compiles the data that needs to be added on the disc. The data can be inspected to make sure that there is no presence of data corruption. Once done, the service provider takes the data and puts it on a glass master. This creates templates for data replication. By utilizing the glass master, the service provider creates DVD or CD stampers. The stamper is then placed into a molding machine to develop the replicates. In the end, the replicates are carefully coated with a thin aluminium sheet, following which a protective lacquer coating is applied. If you want the best replication result, it is essential to choose a renowned company like WePrintDiscs. 

The significant advantage of cd replication is the lower cost per unit. Besides, the service provider offers better marketing and packaging options. 

Which Is the Best?

Well, this depends on your business requirement and budget. So, it is advisable to obtain quotes for both the services and then choose one considering your budget. Besides, if you want to purchase a considerable lot of DVDs or CDs, you can go for the CD duplication option to create accurate duplicates of your CDs and DVDs.  If time is not a significant issue for you, then consider the replication process. 

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For more than 30 years, WePrintDiscs has been offering faster, quality and affordable disc printing, duplication and replication services. Besides, the company also offers CD and DVD packaging services covering different industries, including photographers, MRI facilities, musicians, bands and other Fortune 500 companies. Get in touch with WePrintDiscs now to get your disc replication done under your budget.

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