Funeral Services: What you should Know

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The passing away of a dear one is truly hard for the family and friends. Giving him/her a good funeral is the greatest tribute we can pay to the diseased. However, making arrangements for the same is sure to be a tough job. This happens because the family would already be emotionally stressed out. And, they would not be in a position to think clear of saying good-bye to friend or a member.

Funeral services generally fall into two categories; cremation and burial. If yours is a family with a tight budget, cremation is highly recommended. The expense involved in burial is much higher when compared to cremation. Besides, you would not have any difficulty to locate a crematorium anywhere in your locality. If you wish, you can even decide to bury your dear ones. And, you may have to spend a few thousands of dollars for the same. This happens because the cost of the coffin and the transportation of the same gets added to the entire expense.

What happens during a funeral?

Funeral service at a church generally follows a clear outline. It begins as the remembrance of a journey from earth to heaven. The service starts when the priest greets those who mourn for the diseased. The person is remembered and appreciated for all the good he/she has done and then committed to God’s care.

When the priest welcomes the coffin and the mourners, he would read some comforting verses from the bible. A hymn or a tribute speech follow suit. Someone from the family or the priest can do this. This is generally followed by a prayer for the forgiveness of the sins the diseased has committed. It is done so that the loved ones may be relieved of any of the lapses. People are sure to feel that they may have neglected many things the diseased deserves. Next comes a psalm; the focus is always on God’s mercy and in the hope of resurrection. Done this, the person is committed to God with a prayer and is buried or cremated.

Arranging for the funeral

Arranging for a funeral service, as mentioned earlier is not an easy job. However, doing the following would help you greatly.

  • Adopt the right attitude: The first thing you should do in this direction is to adopt the right attitude. You can treat the funeral as a celebration; a rich tribute to a glorious life.
  • Discuss with the loved ones: Enquire if the loved one had any wishes or arrangements for his/her funeral. This would make things much easier. If not, you would have to do things on your own.
  • Opting for a funeral home: The next thing you should do to ensure a dignified farewell to your loved one is arranging for a good burial home. Contacting the church in your area would do a lot in assisting you in this direction. The funeral home would help you go through the legal formalities involved in the process. Let the home recommend a minister for the task.

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