Choosing the Best Old Age Home in Hyderabad

Posted by Aaeesha on May 27th, 2014

Gone are the days when it was a taboo to leave the senior citizens in the old age home. These days, it is not only considered practical, but also safe for the aged. Sometimes, because the children are living in other cities or abroad, the elders in the family opt for assisted living. When you are looking for an old age home for someone in your family, there are some basic aspects that you should check out.

The first and foremost aspect you should check is the room and rest room. Are they neat and clean? Is there someone who will clean it daily? The room should be spacious enough and not cluttered with unwanted things. It should be well ventilated and well lit. Another feature you should check is the stairs. It is preferable if the rooms are located in the ground floor with strong banisters flanking the steps. You should also check if all the exits and entrances have ramps, so the elders can walk up and down with less strain.

The best old age homes in Hyderabad are equipped with all the basic amenities as well as medical care to provide complete care for its inmates. After you have checked the basic infrastructure of the place, check the staff. Are they friendly and helpful? Also check if the staff are fully experienced and trained in dealing with elderly people. Most old age homes have medical staff in-house. Big places may have a doctor and complete medical center, while smaller places may have a nurse and basic first aid. Whether they have a complete or emergency medical center, ensure that the medical staffs are well trained and are available 24/7 for any emergency.

It is good for aged people to walk outdoors at least once a day. So, check if the home has some open space where they can take their daily walks. Also ensure that there is some entertainment place where they can be occupied with some kind of interest.

The old age home should be actually like another home for the senior citizen. So, they should not feel as if they are being sent out of the family to some place. Their last days should be the happiest part of their life – when they feel they are loved and cared for. Even if you have chosen the best old age home in Hyderabad for your family member, visit them regularly, talk to them often, so they will not feel alone and lonely.

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