Studies Reveal the Importance of Wearing reflective clothes

Posted by jennycooper on May 27th, 2014

It has been found in a recent study that only a tiny percentage of motorcyclists involved in accidents were wearing reflective clothes that could make them visible in dark. Most of the drivers responsible for the accidents emphasised that the collision could have been avoided if the rider was more conspicuous. This is why it is important for everyone including motorcyclists, bikers and runners to wear reflective clothes when they move out in the dark.

According to a study conducted in New Zealand, it was found that if their motorcyclists wore reflective clothes, it could have been possible to prevent a third of the accidents involving motorbikes. This was a controlled study and came to the conclusion that the attributable risk to the population for not wearing such clothing during nighttime was over 33%.

Similar to the motorcyclists, the traffic risks are high for bikers as well. One of the major concerns among the research group and the authorities is that bicyclists don't wear much protective gear. Even though they ride at lower speeds, the risks from other vehicles during nighttime are high. A study conducted in the UK found that most of the people including motorists and cyclists believe that wearing reflective clothes can help increase the visibility of cyclists in the dark. While almost every driver agreed to this, around 70% of the cyclists and 50% overall people agreed that they wore something that made them visible in low-light or dark conditions.

Another study conducted by two organisations came to the conclusion that wearing reflective clothes could help increase the distance at which vehicle drivers could notice and recognise bikers during daytime. Overall 42 studies were conducted as part of this research. It was further found that cyclists and runners wearing such materials during night could have safe effect on the drivers. 

Further adding evidence to the effectiveness of reflective clothes in safety standards is a 2009 study from Australia. The research studied stationary bikers in a closed circuit. The researchers inferred that wearing fluorescent vests over black clothing in the dark was less effective in terms of conspicuity as compared to wearing reflective strips on the same type of clothing. There are many more studies conducted around the world that have established the effectiveness of reflective clothing in making your visible as a person in the dark.

Research studies conducted in Canada in 2014 have revealed another interesting aspect to how to wear reflective clothes. The research group came out with a report asking cyclists and runners to wear such clothing, but also ensuring that they follow traffic safety rules and regulations to reduce the odds of getting involved in a traffic accident. In fact, this point arose after they found that there could be a form of risk compensation involved in the minds of the runners and cyclists. Thus, with so many studies and researchers proving the importance of such reflective vests, it is important to choose the right clothing to make yourself safe on the road.

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