Montreal Minivan Rentals and SUV rental: Enjoy an unforgettable experience!

Posted by Johny Dean on May 27th, 2014

Taking a car for rent doesn’t mean that you will be subjected to a limited choice of cars. The choice of cars is unlimited and you will be in awe at the variety put forth before you. If you wish to go for an extensive trip to Montreal and its surroundings than two of the most popular car choices are Montreal minivan rentals and the SUV rental. And especially if you wish to travel with an extended family these cars will be an ideal choice. Each of them has their own unique features, which make them stand apart from one another.

Designed for personal use, a minivan is marketed worldwide as multi-purpose vehicles (MPVs) or multi-utility vehicles (MUVs). It is designed as one box or two-box for optimal interior space. MPVs are usually available in a height that ranges between 5ft 3in to 5ft 11in, which makes it comparatively taller than a hatchback, station wagon or a sedan. Hence, for long and extended trip going for Montreal minivan rentals is no doubt a good option. There will be no feeling of confinement, as you will be having adequate space to sit leisurely.

A distinctive feature of this type of car is the seating arrangement, which is designed to give passengers more legroom and enable them to sit in a more upright posture. The smaller minivans have two rows of seats, with configuration 2-3 (front to rear) and the larger MPVs are blessed with three rows of seats with configuration ranging from 2-3-2, 2-2-3 and 2-3-3 (front to rear). Car models like Honda FR-V, Mercedes-Benz R-Class, Fiat Multipla, Mazda5 are six seaters. If you want to go for Montreal minivan rentals you can choose your car model as per the number of family members going with you.

Suburban utility vehicle, sport utility vehicle or as is commonly abbreviated SUV has much in common to an estate car or a station wagon. It is defined as "a large vehicle that is designed to be used on rough surfaces but that is often used on city roads or highways." SUVs are characterized by its high H-point, high ground clearance and spaciousness. SUV rentals are highly popular for the Montreal people.

SUV rentals are categorized as Mini SUV, Mid-size SUV, Compact SUV, Full-size SUV and Extended-length SUV. Mini SUV are a bunch of small sport utility vehicles and some of the models under this category include Chevrolet Trax, Opel Mokka, Renault Captur, Daihatsu Terios, Peugeot 2008 etc. Mid-size SUV as the name implies are of medium size and includes Ford Edge, Ford Explorer, Tata Safari, Nissan Murano, Toyota Highlander etc. Compact SUV have limited passenger and cargo space and smaller engines. Some examples are Ford Escape, Opel Antara, Volvo XC60, Jeep Compass etc.

Full-size SUV on the other hand have greater passenger and cargo space and includes Nissan Armada, Toyota Sequoia, Nissan Patrol, Lexus LX, Chevrolet Tahoe etc. Extended length SUV have a seating capacity of 8-9 people and have even larger cargo space than the full-size SUV. Some examples are Chevrolet Suburban, Ford Expedition, Cadillac Escalade etc. So whether you go for Montreal minivan rentals or SUV rental you are sure to have an unforgettable experience driving these wonders around.

To avail Montréal minivan rentals get in touch with a car rental company in Montreal and choose a model of your choice. The SUV rental is another amazing option you can opt for.

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