Tiffany launched a new series of jewelry ring

Posted by charmslife on May 27th, 2014

Each one Tiffany diamond ring Highlight the unique is extraordinary beauty , the only lady waiting for that offer long-lasting love vow .

In 2014 , Tiffany launched a new series of jewelry rings – Tiffany diamond engagement ring , is ready to marry , married lover brings amazing. While watching the new , let’s also take a look at Tiffany  Diamond engagement ring origin and history of its development . In 1886 , Tiffany  Launched the world ‘s first six claw set diamond ring , and the brand name will be named Tiffany Setting. It is also the company, will become an engagement ring marry tradition around the world. Tiffany  Become “true love” truly synonymous .

Today, the congregation is known by a Tiffany diamond engagement ring  Into the world in 1886. Tiffany  Had a dream , to have a piece perfect symbol of true love between lovers and eachother ring. So ,  Tiffany ® Setting six claw set diamond ring available.

This is the history of the most respected ring , called ” diamond in the ring .” Its unparalleled bright brilliance , making it a model of the well-known diamond engagement ring and a perfect witness to the love of the truth . Classic film ” Breakfast at Tiffany ” (Breakfast at Tiffany’s) actress Audrey Hepburn (Audrey Hepburn) special mention Tiffany ® Setting Tiffany  150 -year anniversary of the company in a letter addressed to the occasion six claw set diamond ring , and praised its “classic and timeless .”

Tiffany  Diamond ring six claw inlay is unique , its bright light second to none. This unique six claw inlay design will be top quality Tiffany diamonds inlaid with six claws on top of the ring , the largest extent reflects the dazzling light , filling the gorgeous CLS diamonds. Tiffany ® Setting Tiffany diamond ring six claw inlay will never be able to come to the fore , and instantly became the focus of attention . Crowd, conceal brilliance , far and staring , sparkling extraordinary.

Never had any one of the jewelry design as Tiffany ® Setting Tiffany diamond ring six claw inlay generally have such a profound impact and won so widely loved. In love stories, movies or real life, can always see the Tiffany Blue Box Tiffany blue gift box that a Tiffany ® Setting Tiffany diamond ring six claw inlay . Since 1886 , men around the world are respected and followed this romantic courtship traditional

style  - One knee, affectionate gaze , Tiffany will be worth a thousand words (Tiffany & Co. ) was sent to the front of the woman in blue gift box , waiting for that soon turned into a brief but eternal “Yes”, expecting white ribbons fall, blue gift box open heart moment.

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