3 key dog behaviours that affect dog training Calgary

Posted by dogma on December 24th, 2020

Whether you possess the experience of owning a dog previously or are a new owner, then dog training Calgary is one amongst the most significant aspects that you need to take into consideration. Similarly, if you possess a dog with bad behaviour issues, then dog training is vital. But, knowing that you need to train him/her and actually coaching and training them are two different things. In order to train the dog successfully, you must consider and comprehend certain key aspects of dog behaviour.

Their origins

Dogs are descended from contemporary wolves. Whilst domestication has eliminated or dampened several traits, certain key natural instincts still stay put. Wolves are pack animals and so are dogs. The significant trait of a pack animal is that they are naturally sociable and they are accustomed to a social structure and routine. As a sociable animal, your dog thrives on the interaction with others of his/her kind. A dog does not think of you as a human being but a funny-looking version of him/her. Thus, they thrive on interaction and communication with you. If you happen to starve them of their interaction, they will become agitated and unhappy. When it comes to dog training in Calgary, you can utilize this to punish or reward your dog. Excited talk and patting can be a reward and ignoring them like stern talk, locking them in a room can be a punishment for them.

Short retention memories

You might be astonished to know that your dog has a short retention memory. If you tell the dog something, it is very likely that in the following day or even some hours later, he/she might have forgotten it totally. Conversely, dogs possess good associated memory. It means that if the dog can connect with what you convey to it then it will remember what you said to it even for years.

Thus, when you perform dog training Calgary commands, you need to connect the training topic with something that he/she can relate to. For instance, if you teach the dog to sit, and associate the word “sit” by making the dog sit physically and offer a reward and repeat the exercise a few times, your dog will connect the “sit” command with it sitting physically and then obtaining a reward.

Doggy language

Despite the commands, you cannot speak the dog’s language and neither can he/she speak your language. This is significant when it comes to dog training in Calgary. You must choose words for commands that you and your dog can remember. Be cautious not to select common words or else the dog will be confused when the word keeps showing up in the middle of your sentence. A typical word often utilized is “come”. It might be better to utilize a slang version or mingle “come here” into a short word. The essential thing is that when you choose a word for your command, you need to stick to it and be consistent.

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