How to choose and use a foam roller?

Posted by Allen Lee on December 24th, 2020

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Foam rollers are almost an indispensable tool for yoga and fitness personal training. Its principle is to relax the fascia through its own weight, relax the tense muscles, promote the blood circulation of the body, and relieve the accumulated pain of the joints. This relaxation method is also called SMR, which translates as self-fascial relaxation. It was first applied to professional athletes, coaches and medical staff, and it has been widely promoted in recent years.

What is fascia? Fascia is a kind of connective tissue covering the muscles and tendons, like a layer of mucosa, wrapping the muscle fibers inside. During exercise, the fascia plays a role in restraining and protecting muscles. Fascia is divided into shallow, middle and deep layers. Just like when we peel off an orange, we can see the white part attached to the orange. This white part is equivalent to the human fascia, which is what we relax with a foam shaft. section.

Modern people have serious imbalances in muscle distribution due to long-term incorrect living habits or exercise methods. Maintaining the same posture for a long time makes some muscles too tight and some muscles too relaxed, and even fascial adhesions occur. Therefore, a foam shaft is needed to relax the fascia. When it comes to fascia relaxation, I have to talk about the Golgi tendon organ and muscle spindle.

The Golgi tendon organ is a sensory receptor. It is located at the junction of muscles and muscle keys. It is particularly sensitive to changes in muscle tension. When the tendon feels too much tension load, it may be in danger of injury. Relax. By rolling the foam roller, muscle tension will increase, thereby activating the Golgi tendon organ. When the Golgi tendon organ is active, it will inhibit the muscle spindles located in the muscle fibers, reducing the tension of muscles and tendons, and finally, achieve the effect of fascia relaxation.

There are many foam rollers on the market, but which one is more suitable for you?
1. Smooth foam roller
This is more suitable for beginners to practice, and the intensity is low. The length is long or short, you can choose according to your own situation. The short one is generally about 30~45cm, suitable for daily practice and carrying out. The medium one is generally about 60cm, which can be selected according to personal preference. The long one is generally about 90cm, suitable for friends with a larger body surface area, and can better relax the body fascia. The smooth surface foam shaft has low density, medium density, and high density. The low-density smooth foam roller is soft to sit on, and the high-density foam roller is hard to sit on, which can relax the fascia more deeply.

2. Micro floating foam roller
This kind of foam roller is suitable for people with a certain exercise foundation. The small floating-point on the foam roller can help massage the body and eliminate edema and soreness. Micro-floating foam rollers are one of the most popular types of users.

3. Hybrid foam shaft
This type of foam shaft has both floating and smooth surfaces, arranged alternately. There are bumps on the surface, but not all bumps and the transition is good. It can massage and relax well without causing excessive pain, so it is also widely recommended by major gyms and yoga studios.

4. Mace
This foam roller is named after its surface is raised like a wolf tooth. It has the greatest convexity and the greatest strength, suitable for senior practitioners or yoga teachers. It is precise because of the uneven surface and the hard bumps themselves. If you are a beginner or a stiff friend, the local pressure will be too high, the muscles will be over-stimulated, and protective spasms will occur, and the body will be under tension. OfState wailed in pain.

5. Vibrating roller
This foam roller is a new high-tech roller in recent years, and the price is high. Built-in rechargeable vibrator, pay more attention to fascia relaxation and fatigue recovery. You can choose whether you need to buy it according to your own situation.

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