3 Offshore Software Development Myths You Need to Know

Posted by Open Space on December 24th, 2020

In the last few years, an offshore software development company has seen exponential growth. Companies are looking for solutions to grow their business sustainably, and investing in offshore development teams has become a very sought option. By associating with offshore development companies, companies gain access to an extensive pool of resources like human talent, more cost-effective pricing, and significant opportunities to grow their business.

And yet, for many, the myths about offshore development are enough to drop the idea.

The concept of building your business by a virtual team in another country may seem intimidating, but in today's age, one has to use it to one advantageWhile some people have had a negative first-hand review (usually with outsourcing, then offshoring), others have exaggerated 2nd and 3rd hand horror stories about bad security breaches, communication, and failed projects.

It has generated many myths about offshoring, which is, unfortunately, causing some businesses to miss out on a significant growth opportunity. Let us debunk a few common offshore development myths to be able to look at future opportunities-

1. 'Outsourcing' and 'Offshoring' are the same

When you read over the internet about offshore software development, you will often see 'offshoring,' and 'outsourcing' used interchangeably. The reality is that outsourcing and offshoring are two different concepts.

Outsourcing is about hiring external contractors to deliver work that you temporarily cannot meet internally. For example- a company that takes on too much work can outsource work to a third-party vendor for the project's duration. The few benefits to outsourcing work are flexibility and low cost, but it's also prone to considerable risks.

The reality here is that you usually get what you pay for. If one finds the cheapest provider possible, you're unlikely to get the best outcome.

However, offshoring is quite different. Offshoring is building a remote software development team that a company owns to increase its existing workforce with skilled professionals. Since offshoring is generally to newer economies like India, companies can access talent at a lower cost than their countries.

The biggest difference between offshoring and outsourcing is that the offshore team is a part of the organization in every sense. They share the same vision of the company, are fully integrated into the business, and work under the same management — this makes them useful and reliable as your existing team.

2. Offshore Software Development is all about reducing business costs

A common offshore development myth is that the primary focus of building an offshore team is to save as much money as physically possible.

Offshoring to a country like India is relatively cost-effective as living in these countries is significantly lower than in the WestHowever, the cost isn't the most significant advantage of offshoring. Bangalore is one of the world's most highly-prized locations after San Francisco and Singapore. It is even known as 'the Silicon Valley of India' for its tremendous success in engineering and scientific innovation. Offshoring software development to India means getting access to some of the world's most talented and highly-trained technical talent.

3. Offshoring does not produce quality work

It relates to the previous points; if you always chase cheap resources, you engage with under-qualified contractors, you are not going to get the desired result.

While hiring an offshore development company, it should be all about top-tier talent to scale up and grow your business. Whatever your industry, the key to successful offshoring is dedicating enough time to recruiting and building a top-quality teamIf you make that effort, there's no reason why offshoring will not work for you. 

In the end, they're called myths for a reason. By putting in the right strategic effort, you can build an excellent offshore development company and use them to deliver top-notch products and services for your clients.

Wrapping Up

If you're interested in Offshore Development Services in India, you can reach Open Space Services. They run a software development company in Mumbai with some of the most talented individuals. Visit them at https://www.openspaceservices.com/ to know more.

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