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At GSS, is rapidly developing an impressive reputation in the security industry. We are here to help you secure and safe guard your establishment with cost effective
solutions. We have always been dedicated to ensuring London is a safe place to live and work. Our clients enjoy the highest level of protection – we can do the same
for you and your assets. Our company ethos revolves around providing quality customer care, alongside upholding a pleasant and enjoyable environment. Creating and
delivering bespoke security solutions is what we do daily. We will listen to your needs and match the right personnel and techniques with the latest technological
advancements in security to provide a comprehensive protection package. GSS is one of the Top security Companies in london. We personally take pride in maintaining a
close professional relationship with all our clients and staff. We like to keep in regular contact to help maintain a consistent level of service, to achieve such
goals we have implemented a company feedback scheme. We operate a rigorous recruitment, screening, and training process, so you can be confident that the security
guards working with you will be the best of the best. Plus, our personal approach means you'll get to know us, and we'll get to know you, so we can match the right
people to the right jobs.For you to receive the full-service private security solution you are looking for, request a quote today and we can begin to create your
bespoke package.
GSS offers reliable Security Services, Event Security, Crowd Safety & Control, Security Reception Service and Manned Security Guarding across London, Kent, Essex,
and Surrey. We aim to serve our Clients bespoke security services with integrity and professionalism. We pride ourselves on our professionalism and ability to meet
our client’s requirements with a first-class service.Gallery Security Services has both the Managerial capacity and professional competence to deliver high levels
of site security management to meet individual Clients needs, expectations and overall satisfaction. Gallery Security Services; is a leading Security Services provider
for the protection of life, properties and facilities across London and the Home Counties. The Security Company was built on a combined Management experience of over
15 years from its founding Directors’, hence the Company is able to practically and professionally manage any Security assignment, either on a short or long-term basis.

Whether working on a Building and Construction site, or on an Office Block, or even on a Care and specialist Home, Gallery Security officer’s main objective is to
protect Clients lives and properties and the prevention of loss through fire, water, waste, theft and vandalism. Our Control Room is manned 24/7 and with Management
Supervision available over this period Many small businesses in the UK are presented with the issue of thefts and other crimes occurring in their premises. Some
outfits like retail stores, banks and shops are more of a target for petty thieves and criminals. The need for security guards in these types of businesses is of
paramount importance. In hospitals, nightclubs, train stations and so on, security guards can help prevent crime while assisting customers and employees. If you are a
business owner, you should evaluate the benefits of hiring a vetted security guard by estimating the loss that could be incurred if you don’t! The question you have to
ask yourself is whether or not your business is secure. Using security guards in London and other cities in the UK, premises will offer a lot of benefits such as:
The presence of a security guard at your premises can offer a sense of security and peace of mind to both your customers and employees. People who work in high-risk
operations are less productive and harder to retain if they have to worry about their personal safety while at work. With a security guard, your customers will also
feel safe knowing that you are concerned about their security. It shows that you are ready to take steps to ensure that they are protected from crime while in your
office. This may be especially important for companies that handle high-end merchandise or are located in high-crime areas. By just having a security guard present,
you can help deter criminals. Before a crime is typically carried out, criminals will typically scout the area and assess the risk involved. When they see a security
guard present, they will think twice about targeting the business. Skilled guards are trained to look out for suspicious characters and behaviour. They can evaluate a
situation and act accordingly to secure any breach. Even when you have a CCTV camera, a guard is much more effective as a visual deterrent than any electronic surveillance
system. Basically, having a security guard present sends a message that you have a 0% tolerance for crime. We do not believe in producing complicated lengthy contracts.
Our business policies are clear, transparent and easy to understand with simplified terms and conditions. We take great care in ensuring contracts are flexible and
accommodate to your needs, we always readjust contracts accordingly to your requirements.

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