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Posted by tedmark on May 28th, 2014

Iran international freight transportation is a very intense activity which takes time, attention to details and specific knowledge in the field of international import and export legislation. Company managers who conduct import-export activities in the Middle East prefer to work with an Iran custom broker instead of doing things themselves. The advantages are obvious: the freight transit process is faster and cost-effective.

There are several problems which can appear when transiting freight across borders, particularly in the Middle East. The first issue is the culture and language barrier, which can cause many problems and can lead to costly delays. Misinterpretations or errors often appear if conversations are only carried via phone or email, which can further affect the import-export activity of a company. Therefore, it’s recommended for business managers to work with an experienced Iran custom broker who can provide support in legal and logistical matters, as well as suggestions for the development of the business. The Iran custom broker will discuss with you to assess your company’s needs and to find optimal solutions which can fit your particular requirements and budget.

It’s great to have someone take some of your responsibilities off your shoulders, particularly when discussing such a sensitive subject as international transportation. Obviously, you should only look for brokers who have plenty of experience in the import-export business in Iran. Experience is an extremely important criterion is picking a suitable consultant; if the brokers are experienced, they’ll be able to deliver viable solutions for your business. Using the services of an Iran custom broker, you’ll no longer have to coordinate your business in Iran from a distance. You can simply pass these responsibilities to the broker, while you can focus on your company’s present and future projects.

The role of brokers is to make your business in Iran run as smooth as possible. Filling legal documents and getting customs clearance is easy for them as they are expert in procedural steps. This phase of the transportation process is the most important; any hour or day lost due to legal problems can lead to costly penalties and a loss of credibility of the parent organization in its business circle. This is why it’s best to leave this task on the hands of those who have plenty of experience in freight forwarding. Besides providing documentation support, brokers can arrange transportation at advantageous prices. The biggest brokerage agencies have large networks of partners; therefore, they can find an optimal transportation package for your import-export business in Iran. If you have perishable freight, then you might want to consider air freight; it’s not the cheapest option, but your freight will be there on time. If you’re considering reducing your costs, then perhaps road transportation will be a better option. For shipments which don’t have very strict deadlines, sea freight is an advantageous solution. Consider your company’s need and take your pick. Brokers will assist you in each decision, helping you select the option which will reduce operational costs and increase your business’s profitability.

Do you need help with your import-export business in Iran? An Iran custom broker can help you make the right shipping decisions.

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