How to Select the Best Iran Business Consultancy?

Posted by RaynaJess on May 28th, 2014

Starting a business in Iran can be a lucrative proposition, considering the economic growth in this country in recent times. However, though it may seem to be a simple task, there are many aspects associated to it that can make it a cumbersome procedure. A lot of load can be lifted off your shoulders if you choose a good Iran business consultancy. The consultants will not only help you understand the local rules and regulations governing a business setup, but will also help you obtain the relevant licenses to get you off the ground. While some consultants can propel your business towards growth, there are others who can hamper your reputation. The key to success lies in finding the best consultant among hundreds who claim proficiency.

The first thing that you need to look into while selecting Iran business consultancy is their experience and the reputation they enjoy. With many foreign investors keen on setting up business in Iran, newer consultancies are springing up to attract the entrepreneurs. However, only the ones with years of service under their belt have a detailed knowledge of every step, starting from the legal formalities to logistics and more. It is also important to find out their domain of expertise. While some of the consultancies in this country are highly adept in handling export and import businesses, the others may be good with managing projects and constructions. There are a handful of them who are versatile in more than one domain and such consultancies should be given top priority since they can handle almost everything for you.

The second step is to learn more about the body of work accomplished by the Iran business consultancy that seems promising to you. The ones with experience will be able to connect you to their previous clients so you can get first hand feedback about what you can expect when you hire their services to set up business in Iran. Find out about the time taken to establish the business and get the cash registers ringing. This will help you set the right expectations in terms of the time frame.

The next aspect to look into while selecting Iran business consultancy is the various services they offer. Will they handle every aspect of setting up business in Iran, ranging from market research to obtaining legal contracts? Will they chalk the advertising and marketing strategy? Can you entrust logistics to them? Do they offer services such as freight forwarding and custom brokerage? These are some of the questions that you need to find answers to before making your final choice. It will give you an idea of the tasks that can be entrusted to them and the ones that will fall in your kitty.

Do not sign any contract with any Iran business consultancy without meeting their consultants. The first meeting will reveal the type of rapport you will share in the future. Thanks to the internet, you can setup a virtual meeting instead of making a trip to the country just to meet with them.

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