Educational apps for emploees: features to consider

Posted by Ayron on December 24th, 2020

Today, when company meetups and face-to-face training programs are not possible, businesses seek opportunities to enhance their employees' skills. Documents with the information don't work anymore (at least they work only for those who prefer reading). They lead to more questions, and managers who teach employees are overwhelmed with the requests. 


It's a good idea for a business to build education app for its employees. It will save a lot of time on training and save time and nerves of managers. An educational application will become a database of all companies' resources and improve employees' skills and knowledge. 


Here are the features you should have in your education app for staff: 

  • Intranet network. Each team member should have a profile under the system, so you can see his or her progress and question. 
  • Social interaction. Team members should have an opportunity to communicate with each other. It's essential to note that it will help you build your team since 30% more engaged in intranet networks. 
  • Video and text tutorials. Some prefer reading, others are better at watching and listening. You shouldn't stick only with one feature, provide them both, and you will see how their skills grow. 
  • Ratings. Wanna be the best employee of the month? Of course, yes. Add spicy feature of competition, provide rewards for completed educational tasks. Noone speaks about money. These can be free perks from the company. Your primary goal is to increase your employee skills, but you shouldn't forget about loyalty. 
  • FAQ section answering most common questions. 67% of people are asking questions after watching/reading a tutorial. Why not answer them in an additional area of your app? 

As you see, educational applications work for the business as well. Getting an app brings many benefits to the company, especially when we are all forced to work online. 


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