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Posted by Cassandra27 on May 29th, 2014

Dear swtor fans, are you a zealous fan of Swtor PvP? Do you also think playing swtor PvP is a grind, especially when it comes to the swtor farming? Instead of just suggesting you to play PvP in swtor, swtor2credits wishes you know the current situation of swtor PvP so that you clearly know how to add your money making opportunity for PvP with sufficient swtor credits.

Here are a few of key points which you have to consider.

1. Swtor is a game. It seems a silly issue, however, as the real fact goes, a game should be fun for the player and each person should be able to play the way they like without having to feel gimped because they pvp... Indeed, there are many ways in the game to make money and you do indeed utilize all of them without consider being gimped in the pocketbook when you decide to play PvP.

2. Various opportunities for swtor credits making. Though the way to farm swtor credits will be different when players choose different opportunities. That’s nothing much. If you have decided to Pve dailies for simplicity, then just feel ease to do that.

If you spend the whole day playing PvP and you later put all your comms toward buying PvP credits boxes. I would be lucky to walk away with a tatal earning potential of 200K for the whole day. Relatively, if you spend the same time doing PvE dailies, perhaps you can easily make 1,000,000K swtor credits and that is pure profit. Meanwhile, you can also get to turn in your basic comms for isotope 5 and sell them at 100K each. Therefore, a comparative results will be:

Pv: Max: 1.4 million for the week.
PvE dailies: 8.5 million between daily payout and selling isotope 5's.

3. Surely PvP can make moeny, but as you can see from above, there is a huge difference. The point is why do you a PvP’er want to make money through swtor PvP?

Obviously, with sufficient swtor credits, players are able to get things they really wants in swtor. The new mounts, adaptable gears are all amazing things people would like to own in swtor. Meanwhile, you may also need money to switch mods so you can wear adaptable gear. PvP’ers should be able to make a comparable amount when PvP’ing as they are participating in the PvE counterpart. Perhaps it makes no sense at all to considering that on many servers where the PvP quene’s are very slow, however, just because you have to leave PvP to farm swtor credits for doing other things.

Swtor2credits are not here to suggest anything negative towards PvE’ers. All we are asking is whehter Bioware would add a Permanent way for PvP’ers to have the opportunity to make near equal to what our pve counterparts can make. How do you think?

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