Spiritual Retreats: What you should Know

Posted by webteam on May 29th, 2014

Think for a moment; you are in a place with nothing to connect you with the modern world. There is no phone, no television, no Internet, nothing; you just have to have your meals and enjoy all the time for yourself. You would also be surrounded by people who wish only your peace and prosperity. If this imagination appears attractive, you would definitely be happy to be one among the millions who opt for spiritual retreats.

Studies reveal that people’s fascination towards spirituality is becoming higher with every passing year. This growing trend can be attributed to the increasing disinterest in the established systems of Government and everything related to it. As it is said, when you try to stay away from external forces, you tend to lean to some kind of inner force to guide you.

Are you someone searching for information on a place where you can have a time for yourself for a bit of self-analysis? If yes, the overview given below would be of help to you.

A few retreat centers in the US

If you are a resident of the US, you do not have to travel to faraway countries in search of some time for yourself. Here is a brief description of some of the renowned places capable of offering the inner peace you want.

  1. Elat Chayyim, the Jewish Spiritual Retreat Center:

Located at the foothills of Catskills, this is hailed to be a place where people come back as much as they can. Here, you are allowed to attend classes given by Jewish leaders. Most of the sessions would be dealing with the integration of mind and body. You would also get a chance to make new friends from people from all over the world. The day begins with a prayer session and yoga. This is followed by a few sessions presided over by renowned Jewish leaders. You can also attend the services; most of the time, they are held outdoors. Have a peaceful time in the park nearby or enjoy a ride in the trail therein. The day ends with a chance to discuss your experiences in small groups. Even though the place is known as a summer camp for the grown-ups, the sense of community it creates is truly marvelous.

  1. 2.       Our Lady of Florida Spiritual Center (Passionist Order), North Palm Beach, FL

Located eight miles north of Palm Beach, this is a place run by priests who are keen to help you feel at peace with yourself. The time here is spent in contemplation. You are offered a single room furnished with a bed with windows opening up to the water. You can also walk up to the terrace in the morning to watch the splendid sight of the sun rising over the water. Guests are welcomed even when there are no specific programs here. Be a part of the mass being performed every morning in a chapel which displays architecture in its perfection.

  1. 3.       Mission San Luis Rey Retreat Center, Oceanside, California

Old Mission is probably the best retreats center in California. Offers variety of retreat types for individuals and groups. Great surrounding in King of California Missions. To get more info retreat center page at http://www.sanluisrey.org/retreats/

This is just two of the hundreds of places where you can enjoy fun and find inner peace. Truly, spiritual retreats abound in number. You just have to understand what you are seeking for and go for the one capable of offering it.

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