What is the Significance of Cross Pendants for Men?

Posted by Andrew S Wilson on December 25th, 2020

We live in an era where cross pendants are in trend. They have become a fashion statement for men. This not only stops here but some people also wear them as a sign for the Christian religion. Well, all the reasons depend on the person’s self-belief. If you are a religious person then this cross pendants for guys would be an extraordinary thing for you. On the other hand, if you are a person who follows the latest fashion and trends then you will love to wear it as fashion jewelry. 

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Cross: A Symbol of Christianity

As we are talking about the cross pendant, we should know the origin of this and a little history linked to this. Cross is an important thing in the Christian religion. We all have heard of Jesus Christ and the Crucifixion related to him. His passion was the ultimate means of faith in Christianity. For people wearing a cross, a pendant might be a symbol of faith, dedication, prayer, benediction, etc. 

However, four types of cross symbols are available. Let’s find out their significance. 

The crux quadrata, also known as the Greek cross. It consists of 4 equal arms.

The crux immissa, also known as the Latin cross. Its base stem is quite long as compared to the other 3 arms.

The crux commissa, also known as St. Anthony’s cross. 

The crux decussate is also referred to as St. Andrew’s cross. 

The cross related to the death of Jesus Christ is the crux immissa according to the traditional beliefs. But some people believe that Jesus died on the crux commissa. All the crosses you will find in the church, graveyards, and anywhere else, all of them belong to one of the above-mentioned categories. Color may differ but check out the shapes, they will be one of these four crosses.

Cross Pendants: A Fashion Statement

As we have explored a little history and related information about different types of crosses, now, we can get an idea about how many types of crosses are there. We can choose the best cross pendants for guys and can pair it up with a mens ID bracelets sterling silver. So, we should choose the best for ourselves. We can wear them at parties, occasions, or casually.

The cross pendants can be worn as both that is being religious and in order to look super cool and classy. So, in this way, you can show off your personality with this fashionable cross pendant.

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