Complete Guide to Visitor Visa Application for Canada

Posted by Titanium Immigration Services Inc. on December 25th, 2020

Canada is a land of amazing cities, delicious food & drinks and some of the most spectacular natural attractions. Visit Ontario for the fabulous Niagara Falls or Quebec for its stunning architecture or have fun and relax with Montreal-style bagel. Recently, Canada has gained immense popularity and became the first choice for migrating. Due to its transparency and excellent point system,people from around the world are applying for express entry Canada.It is an online system to submit application for Immigration to Canada.

There are several other reasons why people apply for visitor visa Canada. It could be a family occasion, a holiday trip, corporate event or any other reason which involves a short trip to this beautiful place. The person is permitted to stay in Canada on a visitor visa for a maximum of six months.

What is meant by a Canada visitor visa?

For visiting Canada, the Canadian visitor visa is a temporary resident visa that allows the holder to visit the country for purposes like:

  • Visiting your family
  • To spend holidays or tourism in Canada

If you get a visitor visa Canada and the officer rules out that you do not have any criminal intentions, you would be permitted to pass the port of entry.

Applying for a Canadian visitor visa

If you are planning to visit Canada, you should get a temporary resident visa. You can obtain it from the country you live. But there are few nationalities which do not need this visa. However, one still has to apply for an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA). Citizens and permanent residents of US do not require an ETA.

Eligibility requirements include:

  • You must have a passport with a validity of minimum six months from your travel date
  • You should able to show adequate proof of funds for your expenses.
  • No criminal charges or convictions
  • You must have a bona-fide genuine need of travel (invitation letter, travel itinerary, hotel bookings etc.)
  • Must be medically fit to be admissible to Canada

Application process

A visitor visa Canada can be applied either through a paper application or online. Canada visa applications in Covid-19 have almost completely transitions to online, and IRCC is not accepting paper applications in most streams, for most applicants. You must read carefully all the instructions before filling the forms. Ensure that you fill all the important information and even substantiate with valid proof. You must know a slight omission or mistake on the application form could result in a refusal. You can even be rendered inadmissible on the charge of misrepresentation if you hide something or lie about anything, and could be banned from re-applying for a minimum of 5-years.

Documents required

  • A valid passport, stating the expiry date that is 6 months or more.
  • Financial statements which prove you have sufficient funds to support yourself and your family in Canada.
  • Documents which prove you have good ties with your home country.
  • Medical clearance certificate if you are required to go for a medical checkup before trip.
  • An invitation letter if you are planning to stay with one of your relatives in Canada Immigration. You must still have enough money in your account to support yourself.

If you have any concerns with your application, or need any help in filling and submitting your forms, contact Go4Canada. Their licensed Consultants will help you in the best possible way. Your application would get personal attention in Canada from aRegulated and Licensed Immigration Consultant, and an active member of ICCRC.

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