Eco-friendly office stationery: Decreased environmental impact

Posted by Hartley Webdesign on December 25th, 2020

In today's time, global warming has become a real issue. Everyone is facing several problems due to plenty of trees being cut down every year going to multiple. As a responsible citizen, everyone must contribute to the welfare of our environment by adopting eco-friendly or Green Stationery products. Recycled Office Stationery also serves as the best option for promotion, gifting, events, conferences, etc. Being completely eco friendly, these products can help in saving our planet. The following are some of the best environmentally friendly supplies available to help reduce your office’s carbon footprint.

1: Recycled paper products – Using recycled paper products from envelopes to compostable paper cups and plate products, that now comes in many forms. A green transition in this department will have a particularly positive impact considering how frequently paper products are used in the office.

2: Biodegradable material trash bags – Disposing of non-biodegradable trash bags week after week just adds to our enormous waste problem. When you think about it, trash bags made of post-consumer recycled materials just make good environmental sense. To make full use of it, make sure the trash bags are filled up to the fullest before you replace it.

3: LED light bulbs – LED bulbs not only consume less energy to produce the same amount of light but also they are free form toxic chemicals such as Mercury. Also, LED lights typically last six times longer than traditional lights.

4: Recycled pens and notepads– Plastics can easily be recycled and reworked into pens that you can use in your office. Both consumer plastic and manufacturer plastic can be used in the process, but in the end, you are still get up and that works perfectly. Be greener by offering notepads made from recycled products and choose ones that are made the form as high a percentage of recycled materials as possible.

5: Staplers – This unique product eliminates the need for metal staples that are used a single time and then discarded. Staple free staples work kind of like hole punches. Rather than relying on metal fasteners, they use the paper itself to secure the pages together. They are easy to use and instantly bind multiple pages together without the need for a fastener of any type. You can easily staple the menu coverwith many pages.

So, buying eco-friendly office supplies is a great way to reduce your own or your company’s environmental impact.

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