Why A Dress or Costume Important For the Dance

Posted by jenniferwinch0 on May 29th, 2014

Any dance form whether it is Indian or western is incomplete without its essentials. The essentials will be the dance form, the grace, the elements of posture, positions, facial expressions, gestures and the outfit. Entire pose of the dancer depends on all these things. If you have seen different dance forms, you might have realized that each of them have a different kind of outfit or costume worn for the performance. it can be the ballroom dance, jazz, hip hop, salsa, tango, Kathakali, Odissi, Dandiya, Garba or bharat natyam, they all require a different specific kind of outfit.

While buying one, the dancers just have to mention the dance form to the seller and he will provide the one for him. The outfit plays an essential role in the performance. Without a good outfit, the dance performance is considered as incomplete. Especially if you are performing a Kathakali dance or a Dandiya dance, it cannot be done properly without the outfit and accessories.

You can practice in your usual outfit but for the final performance where you will be dancing in front of a number of people, selection of the right Kathakali dress can be a judging factor. Some of the points, why an outfit is essential for the dance performance are:

-          Looks great: when you dress up especially for the performance, it shows your elegance and your style, which is the first impression of any dancer. If you are going to perform in front of the audience or judges, the first impression plays an essential role. Your Kathakali or Dandiya dress will be seen as the measure of your seriousness about the art form.

-          Supports moves: Dance is all about your moves and gestures. If you are not wearing the suitable outfit, it can affect the flawlessness and smoothness of your gestures, mudras and motions. The dress for the Kathakali dance is different from the usual dances, which supports the postures and mudras made by the dancer using hand, leg and facial movements.

-          Enhances your impact: seeing a dancer performing in a great outfit is very captivating. It helps in engaging the crowd more into the performance. Therefore, you must try to wear a good nicely prepared Kathakali dress for the performance if you also wish to captivate the attention of the audience.

Before buying any dance dress from online or offline store, make sure it is good for your performance and is prepared by following all the rules of the dance dress for that form. You can also ask your trainer about the tips for selecting the suitable dress.

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