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Posted by Monkoodog on December 25th, 2020

Most dog owners have found the task of taking their dogs on car journeys very stressful. Dogs do not always respond to us the way we want them to and they are very curious by nature.

So when you take them on a car drive, they are bound to get excited or even scared and nervous. Sometimes they just get bored and might move around thus inviting injury. Every time you apply a brake or take a turn, you will need to check if your dog is safe and this can prove to be very distracting.

And of course, there’s always their constant peeing or pooping.

In order to solve all these issues and have happy trips with your dog, you will need to equip your car with suitable accessories.

What are the best car accessories suitable for dog travel?

In order to keep your dog safe and secure, limiting its movement, you will need a dog harness or adjustable seat belt for dogs. You can also opt for crates that are roomy and comfortable enough for your dog. If you have a smaller breed or a puppy, you can choose a booster seat that will hold the dog safely and also provide comfort.

Now, to protect your car from your dog, you will definitely need dog seat covers, in case you use harnesses or seat belts. Not only pee or poop, dogs may also try to scratch or bite your seat. So it is best to shield it with a sturdy and water resistant seat cover.

Always make sure your car has a first aid kit for your dog. In spite of all your precautions, dogs might still find a way to injure themselves. After all, they are very active beings and might not like being cooped up for a long time. If your dog gets really nervous during drives, you can have some calming treats or some favourite toys.

You must remember that most of the accessories come in different sizes and you must choose them carefully so that they perfectly suit your dog.

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