Universal channel switching circuit and The Overall Structure of Fcar Auto Diag

Posted by fcar on May 30th, 2014

In actual use, different vehicles can use the same diagnostic connector, such as OBD II, but pin of diagnosis signal might be
distributed in different pins. In order to be compatible with different pins, output connector DB15 internal connection channel switching
matrix of auto diagnostic scanner can realize arbitrary switching of 2-way 13 channels through channel switching matrix..

 Change-over switch

Fcar automotive fault diagnostic scanner adopts dual ARM chip architecture, and lower computer using 32-bit signal processing chip ARM7, running speed up to 60MIPS. The upper computer adopts high-speed 32-bit ARM920T chips, running speed maximum to 200MHZ, can quickly and effectively process data from ECU. Fcar automotive diagnostic tool adopts high-capacity SD card as storage media for program and data, which facilitates data saving and program upgrade, but also easy to exchange data between vehicle diagnostic equipment and PC. In addition, the application of touch screen in the diagnostic scanner also greatly facilitates the users to operate the scanner.

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