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Posted by RaynaJess on May 30th, 2014

Businesses involved in the import and export of various products to and from Iran is not an easy task. Importing and exporting goods in large volumes brings along its share of legalities and other challenges that need to be taken care of at the earliest. It is, therefore, recommended to hire the services of professionals who are adept at this task. This is where the need for Chabahar freight forwarder comes into play. The professionals who work in this domain are experts at various tasks, ranging from logistics to custom brokerage and more. If you have chosen an all comprehensive package from a reputed Iran transit systems expert service provider, you will be privy to a gamut of services that can ensure smooth operations of your business.

Logistics is one of the main services that are offered by the Chabahar freight forwarder. Some of these agencies have their own fleet of vehicles that ply on land, water and in the sky to transport goods to various parts of the country and also across the border.   Simple though it may seem, choosing the right mode of transport for the hundreds of tons of goods that are brought into or leave Iran on a daily basis is extremely challenging. Once you entrust them with the task, the will decide on the best Iran transit system to deliver you goods to the desired destination within the time frame specified.

Packaging is one of the other services that you can expect from the Chabahar freight forwarder. While products are being exported or imported, they have to be packaged efficiently to prevent damage during Iran transit. Shipping oil through planes or chemicals by trucks or pipelines can be disastrous. First of all, it is important to decide the right medium of transport to deliver the goods that you business deals with. Once the mode of transport has been decided, the goods have to be packed in the right manner to prevent leakage or damage inflicted due to rodents and other pests. The freight forwarder decides the manner of packaging, along with the temperatures at which the products need to be stored and the details of handling them while loading or unloading.

Labelling is one of the other important services that are provided by the Chabahar freight forwarder. Once the products are packed, they have to be labelled well to prepare inventory. Most of the products today are bar coded to make it easy to track the inventory at each step of Iran transit. Information such as the place of origin, the destination, the weight, the port of entry or exit and also the nature of the material in the package is mentioned clearly on the labels to facilitate easy processing at customs and also prevent any risk.

Once the products are packed and labelled, the Chabahar freight forwarder prepares the relevant documents needed for transportation. The documentation has to be word perfect and should include documents such as the inspection certificate, bill of lading, and certificate of origin, export packaging list, commercial invoice and others that are verified at each phase of the Iran transit by the relevant authorities.

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