What League of Legends Jungle Taught Me About Productivity

Posted by Akrad on December 25th, 2020

In life, we procrastinate. Procrastinating is normal. And there are two types of procrastination: Losing your time doing unproductive things vs. Losing your time doing productive things. Let me explain. When you lose your time doing useless things, they are generally stuff that doesn't matter or will likely not result in any meaningful full result for your life. For example, playing video games or Watching comedy sketches on youtube will likely not bring anything to the table. However, sometimes we also procrastinate doing a productive thing. For example, suppose you have a College English assignment, Or a deadline coming. Yet, instead of working on the project, you go straight to learning a new programming language, reading a book, or playing the guitar. This is productive procrastination.

How to Jungle in League of Legends: 10 Steps (with Pictures)

This relates to jungling in League of Legends because of how similar the role works. Sometimes, like a jungle, we help our teammates in the other lines, but sometimes we stay on jungle farming the jungle. However, doing both are important because they aport to the game; they both raise your experience. Similarly, in life, either productive procrastination or working on an assignment increase overall your skill. 
This similitude helps me understand that sometimes it is acceptable to procrastinate, as long as you are doing productive procrastination. Sometimes after productively procrastinating, we even get to do better in our assignments (which would be the equivalent of Helping lanes in League of Legends) because it raises our overall knowledge.

Sometimes when a harsh duty is in our front, we can seem to only want to procrastinate. However, when deciding to procrastinate instead of procrastinating unproductively is better if we go and do the productive procrastination. I would argue that sometimes it is even better to procrastinate productively than doing the actual assignment with an incoming deadline. 

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