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Posted by LouisWillis on December 26th, 2020

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In recent years, vitamin supplements have gained the attention of a huge number of people, which is also the reason why they are losing awareness of which ones are really beneficial and which are being used unnecessarily or may even be harmful.

Commonly sold vitamin supplements often contain additional colorants, fillers and preservatives that may not be beneficial to human health. Therefore, quality prescription vitamin supplements or pharmacy vitamins are an ideal choice. There are many health benefits in CBD Öl and good source of multivitamins.

Because each of us is unique, it is very difficult to determine which supplements most effectively support the health of the whole organism and prevent the development of serious diseases. However, stress is one of the problems that bothers most of us and we can deal with it with some specific vitamin supplements.

For optimal functioning, the body needs enough vitamins and minerals. We take most of them daily from our diets, thanks to which we ensure sufficient energy, immunity and good health. In the winter, however, the supply of vitamins can also be affected by weather conditions or a less varied diet. Therefore, it is necessary to focus on vitamin supplements.


The ingredients in multivitamin tablets supplement all the nutrients that the body is not normally able to absorb from food. These include B vitamins, vitamin C and vitamin A. B vitamins help with energy levels and cognitive functions, and they also make it easier for us to manage stress. Vitamin C promotes bone and cartilage health and maintains healthy blood vessels. Vitamin A, in turn, takes care of skin health. Multivitamins should be used by anyone who suffers from a lack of key nutrients.


This group of supplements is currently the most sought-after aid in coping with stressful situations, as it can regulate the level of the "stress hormone" cortisol. Excessive amounts of cortisol in the body are caused by a lack of sleep and a lot of stress and are directly related to the development of inflammation. The most popular adaptogens include those made from intoxicating (or ashwagandha) and pink (or rhodiola). They have been clinically proven to improve physical performance, mental health and libido.

Alpha lipoic acid (ALA) and chromium

These two supplements are mainly used to lower blood sugar. Its excess often leads to diabetes and heart disease, but also to memory impairment and cognitive decline.

Alpha lipoic acid helps regulate blood sugar and, as a powerful antioxidant, also protects against organ damage associated with high blood sugar and high cholesterol.

Chromium is a natural metal that helps balance blood sugar levels and strengthen muscles. Western diets contain less than 60 percent of the recommended daily allowance of chromium, so this element is great as a supplement.

How to replenish your energy

Energy levels during the winter are affected by several factors, including diet, drinking, mood, ambient temperature, general weather, hormones, and nutrient intake. With the right ratio of vitamins, the body is able to produce enough energy for normal activities.


Vitamin B12 is a key element in converting food into glucose. When it is lacking, the body produces less energy, which is manifested by fatigue and lethargy.

From natural sources, B12 can be obtained mainly from meat and animal products, so its importance is often reminded especially of vegans.

How to strengthen immunity

The effectiveness of the immune system can only be guaranteed by a sufficient intake of vitamins. It is not just vitamin C, which is often inflected in connection with the prevention of influenza and colds.

In winter, we should also supplement with important vitamin D, which the body naturally forms when exposed to the sun's rays. As the winter months tend to be colder and darker, the body suffers from D-deficiency, and therefore it should be sought in the form of supplements.

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