Author Dennis Richard Proux Releases A New Book Titled "Lies Have Ruined the World"

Posted by william on December 26th, 2020


(Dec 24, 2020) – LIES are always the poison that murders.  The entire Torah is a litany of filth.  It states clearly that women are inferior and ignorant.  That it is good and proper to kill all non-Jews, because this finds God’s favor.  It teaches that it is wonderful to mass murder millions of animals to appease an angry God.  Christians found this all so wonderful also.  Roman Catholics have murdered over 700 million humans just because they disagreed with them.  2000 years of raping children has followed.  Islam was created out of this filth by a degenerate psychopath who heard voices in a cave and the killing fields have been covered by blood ever since.

Governments have always been the after-birth of this filth.  Even a superficial reading of Supreme Court decisions through history gives a very clear picture that minorities, slaves, indigenous peoples, women, gays, the landless, and the poor never had a chance in this great bastion of freedom.  Maybe if George and Thomas hadn’t been so busy raping and brutalizing persons who gained them free wealth, we might have made more progress.

No society has ever been based on government BY the people (democracy).  That is a LIE and a fraud.  Most have all their decisions supported by the very rich only.  It’s not Capitalism, it’s Greed.  And Democratic, Capitalist societies through massive LIES have created poverty on top of poverty.  So LIES always destroy the very fabric of humanity.

So, the author wrote a book LIES Have Ruined the World.  In the author’s travels around the world as a Russian Interpreter in the US Navy and as an international consultant to global businesses, he realized how difficult it would be to achieve Freedom for all peoples.  The world is saturated with lies and very powerful leading protectors of those lies.  The task has to start with Truth (the exposing of ALL LIES), then Transparency must be challenged of every act in society.  The very Emancipation of Humanity is the goal and nothing less.  Socrates, Thomas Paine, Abraham Lincoln and others always hoped that they could depend on the Good Will of the LIARS.  Socrates was executed with poison.  Paine was shunned.  Lincoln was shot in the head.  LIES Have Ruined the World was written to expose this filth, but with no illusions that the LIARS will ‘go quietly into the night’!

All humans desire to live free and to pursue their dreams as they choose.  But make no mistake, the powerful LIARS have recruited an army of 10,000 soldiers, who will face down and crush those dreams at every turn that threatens their lies.

The author reveals how religion itself is untrue by quoting many examples for his claim. He motivates readers to ask questions. He states that many questions about many religions in the world remain unanswered. Even when somebody comes forward to question, he/she does not get the answer. But, he motivates readers to ask questions. Only then, the truth will come out. As against following whatever elders have followed, it is better to ask questions and understand why a particular thing is practiced.

About Dennis Richard Proux:
Dennis Richard Proux was previously a Christian Minister. He is a scholar in Latin, Greek, Hebrew, German and Russian.  He studied archaeology under the auspices of Hebrew University in Jerusalem.  He studied systematic theology at the only Papal Seminary in the US (Josephinum).  He has a master’s degree in theology and has translated all texts from original languages.   He has also earned a master’s degree in business and consulted with many Fortune 50 Companies.  He has taught Graduate School business courses, challenging CEO’s to run their enterprises on Truth alone. He saw many lives were ruined in front of his eyes due to lies. He started to find that irrational beliefs were destroying people. To find answers to many of his questions, he left the ministry and searched for answers. Now, he has written a new book to reveal whatever he learned. He wants you to prove him wrong.  So read the book.  Examine the LIES that have distorted your reality and then courageously live by Truth alone to finally Emancipate the whole human race.  You’ll be glad you did.

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