tafsir ahlam Day of Resurrection dream with ibn sirin

Posted by moroo on December 26th, 2020

tafsir ahlam and the interpretation of the dream of the Day of Resurrection has many interpretations, and it is the expected day on which every person will be held accountable for all his deeds, whether they are good or evil, if his deeds are good, he will be rewarded and he will enter Heaven, and if it is evil then he will be punished and enter Hell, but what about Seeing the Day of Resurrection in a dream that many people see in their dreams and are looking for an interpretation?

tafsir ahlam by Ibn Sirin on the Day of Resurrection


Ibn Sirin goes to regard seeing the Day of Resurrection as a warning and warning to every person who is attached to this world and its joys and forgets the Hereafter.
tafsir ahlam on the Day of Resurrection by Ibn Sirin also symbolizes the day when every wronged person recovers a truth, and every oppressor receives his punishment.
The interpretation of a tafsir ahlam on the Day of Resurrection may denote a distant travel or a move to a place other than that which the seer is accustomed to.
If a person sees that he is alone and no one is next to him, then the interpretation of seeing the Day of Resurrection in a dream is indicative of the resurrection of this person only, which means that his deadline has approached.
And if the seer was a fighter or a soldier, then the interpretation of the dream about the Day of Resurrection expresses the victory of the enemies if they were unjust and the overwhelming victory over them.
What is the interpretation of the dream about the day of resurrection? The Day of Resurrection indicates justice, as there is neither oppression to anyone nor the rights of others, so every soul is a hostage.
Ibn Sirin confirms that seeing the Day of Resurrection in a dream indicates justice, truth, and giving each person his share, so there is no difference between an Arab, a non-foreign, a white, or a black person except with piety.
If a person sees that he stands before God and is held accountable for his actions, this indicates that he will survive a great ordeal that he is going through.
And in a dream on the Day of Resurrection, if a person sees that he is fighting a fierce war and the resurrection has occurred, this indicates that he will prevail over the enemies and will achieve all his goals if he is right.
If a person sees that the Day of Resurrection has been performed on him alone, this indicates the person's death.
And if the resurrection takes place in a place where God has established justice, then the interpretation of seeing the Day of Resurrection here is an indication that in this place there are wronged people, God has caused harm to their oppressors.
tafsir ahlam of the Hour of Resurrection indicates the reminder of the seer that there is a day in which every person will be held accountable for his actions.
Seeing the rise of the Hour in a dream is an indication of the need to return to God, to stop sins, to stay away from forbidden paths and to avoid places of suspicion.
The day of reckoning in a tafsir ahlam indicates the seer’s preoccupation with the world and its nakedness and lusts, following the whims of the soul and plunging into a deep slumber.
Seeing the day of Judgment in a dream, if the one who saw it is cornered, indicates how much he wronged others.

If a person sees in his dream that the Day of Resurrection has ended and he has returned to life again, this indicates that this person will start a new life.
If he sees that the resurrection has risen and ended, this indicates that he is doing wrong to the people around him.
Seeing the clock in a tafsir ahlam indicates the necessity of attention, vigilance and distance from everything that distracts the mind from the truth.
The vision may be a reminder to the seeker of something he may have overlooked, or a covenant that his tongue uttered but forgot about.
Seeing the Hour also indicates repentance to God, forsaking guilt, and starting over.

Interpretation of a dream about doomsday signs


If a person sees that graves are opened in order for people to stand on their behalf, this indicates that this person is spreading justice among people.
If he sees that on the day of Judgment and he feels very afraid, this indicates that this person commits many sins and sins and that he is eating the rights of people.
If a person sees the signs of the Day of Resurrection, this symbolizes the prevalence of corruption, the abundance of injustice, and the prevalence of tyranny and confusion and confusion.
Seeing the signs of the hour is an indication that there is a glimmer of hope and an opportunity that if the seer does not take advantage of it, it is lost and perished.
This vision may indicate people’s deviation from the truth, accusing its people of falsehood, the spread of innovation in religion and deviation from righteous ways.
The signs of the Hour are also good news and sustenance for those who walk in this world in obedience to God and His commands and prohibitions, and they will be a consequence of misfortune and destruction for those who innovated in their religion and deviated from their path.
And the signs of the hour in a tafsir ahlam to see it alert and alarm


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