Saudi Arabia Aluminum Market Opportunity and Forecast 2019-2030

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Market Reports on Saudi Arabia Provides the Trending Market Research Report on “Saudi Arabia Aluminum Market Outlook 2030: Industry Insights & Opportunity Evaluation, 2019-2033” under Aluminium category. The Saudi Arabia Aluminum Market is projected to exhibit highest growth rate over report offers a collection of superior market research, market analysis, and competitive intelligence and industry reports.

Saudi Arabia Aluminum Market By type (primary and secondary); By Processing Method (Casting, Extrusion, Forging, Pigments And Powder, Rods and Bar and Flat Rolled); By End User (Transport, Building and Construction, Electrical, Consumer Durable, Foil and Packaging and Others) and Region –Analysis of Market Size, Share and Trends for 2014 – 2019 and Forecasts to 2030.
Product Overview

Aluminum is a chemical element that is a lightweight, silvery-white metal of main Group 13 or boron group of the periodic table. Within the Earth's crust, aluminum is the most common metal element and the most commonly used nonferrous metal. It is a non-magnetic and ductile metal with a dull luster due to a thin coating with aluminum oxide. Due to its chemical activity, aluminum rarely appears in the metallic form in nature, but its compounds are found in almost all rocks, plants, and animals to a reasonable extent.
Market Highlights

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Saudi Arabia Aluminum Market size was registered at USD XX billion in 2019, and is estimated to reach USD XX billion by 2030, registering a CAGR of XX% from 2020 to 2030. Some of the properties of aluminum such as its low metal density, corrosion resistance, and thermal conductivity make it ideal for various industrial applications thereby spurring its growth in the forecasted period. Growth in the electrical industry is also a major factor driving the aluminum market to grow.

Saudi Arabia Aluminum Market: Segments
Saudi Arabia Aluminum Market is segmented on the basis of type, processing method, end user and region.

By type (in %), Saudi Arabia Aluminum Market, 2019
The primary aluminum segment is anticipated to register XX% of the market share during the forecasted period.
By type, it is categorized into primary and secondary.

Due to its extensive use in electrical applications and foil and packaging, the primary aluminum segment holds the largest market share in revenue. Additionally, for greater strength, it can be alloyed with other elements. This is one of the factors boosting the growth of the aluminum market in applications with high mechanical strength.

Saudi Arabia Aluminum Market Dynamics:
Increased demand in transportation sector and its various properties to increase growth

Aluminum is commonly used in the manufacture of aircraft, motor engines, rail transport and ships, as the metal is light weight and provides tremendous strength. These applications of aluminum in transport result in increased demand and Saudi Arabia is one of the major exporters acts as a driving force for the growth of the aluminum industry.
Chinese goofs and increased competition to hinder the market growth in Saudi Arabia

Increased influx of Chinese goods on the international market is affecting Saudi Arabia's demand and supply on the export business. In addition, making new customers is difficult, and when lower prices are offered, customers can easily be encouraged to switch suppliers, hampering the growth of the Saudi Arabia aluminum market.

Saudi Arabia Aluminum Market: Regions

In terms of value and volume, Saudi Arabia accounted for XX% of total market volume share in 2019

In the year 2019, 965 thousand metric tons of aluminium by volume was produced by Saudi Arabia. This region-built smelter is highly cost-effective and possess the latest manufacturing and processing technologies. In this way, the latest technologically advanced processes offer higher production efficiency. That drives the growth of Saudi Arabia's aluminum market. The country aims to diversify its economy by concentrating on developing non-petroleum industries, one of them being mining and quarrying. The country profits from various policies of government, such as lower interest on loans, lack of corporate tax, lower taxes and simple land grants driving the growth of the market

Saudi Arabia Aluminum Market: Competitive landscape
Some factors that improve the role in the market of the key players within the Saudi Arabia Aluminum market have been the latest manufacturing and processing technologies in the field, the new government policies and increased demand from end users.

Saudi Arabia Aluminum Market: Key players
• Aboura Metals
- Company Overview
- Business Strategy
- Key Product Offerings
- Financial Performance
- Key Performance Indicators
- Risk Analysis
- Recent Development
- Regional Presence
- SWOT Analysis
• Alcoa corporation
• Aluminum product company
• Nesma Recycling Co. Ltd.
• Saudi Aluminum Recycling Co. Ltd.
• Star Steel Factory Co. Ltd.
• Tawfiq Al Saleh Trad. Co.
• Al Saudia metal scrap trading LLC
• Maaden - Saudi Arabian Mining Company
• Other prominent players

Saudi Arabia Aluminum Market report also contains analysis on:

• Saudi Arabia Aluminum Market segments: -

• By type:

• By processing method:
- Casting
- Extrusion
- Forging
- Pigments and Powder
- Rods and Bar
- Flat Rolled

• By end user:
- Transport
- Building and Construction
- Electrical
- Consumer durable
- Foil and Packaging
- Others
• Saudi Arabia Aluminum Market dynamics
• Saudi Arabia Aluminum Market size
• Supply & Demand
• Current Trends/Issues/Challenges
• Competition & Companies Involved in the Market
• Value Chain of the Market
• Market Drivers and Restraints

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