Does Steam Cleaner Kill Germs , Bacteria, and Virus

Posted by Anna Smith on December 26th, 2020

The famous saying, prevention is better than cure. It is true when we talk about germs and viruses that lead to different diseases. They could be anywhere, nobody can see this invisible organism with naked eyes.

Still no need to worry, as we have a special device called a steam cleaner, that encounter these micro-organisms in an efficient way. A steam cleaner is a simple yet powerful device. It turns normal tap water into hot and effective cleaning mixture, without using any harsh chemicals.

Some people often get confused and scared about the fact that does steam cleaning kills viruses? or it is just only a cleaning device. This type of query arises in our mind because traditionally, people used to disinfect their homes and stuff with the help of chemicals and antiseptic liquid. It is correct that these artificial substances kill viruses and bacteria, but hold on; we are not just about to kill the viruses, but protection is also a worthwhile matter. Earlier, there were several chemicals introduced, out of which the deadliest and effective one was DDT. But in 1972, DDT was banned by EPA due to its adverse effects on the environment. It was too risky for human and pet health. So, the problem was still there, as people want a harmless cleaning solution.

Steam cleaning vs traditional cleaning against viruses

If we compare typical old cleaning methods and steam cleaning, we would come to know that there is a hell of a difference in every aspect. Traditional cleaning methods require a long time and several cleaning stuff with chemicals. You have to do great efforts when you are following these obsolete methods. Even then the results will not be satisfactory. The big problem with regular cleaning technique is that it is not applicable on every surface and stuff. While steaming requires less time and effort and gives great protection against germs and viruses.

Protection and Effectiveness of Steam Cleaner

We are lucky to have an amazing device like a steam cleaner. It efficiently and effectively cleans multi-surface. Neither it causes damage to the surface not it is harmful to humans and pets. That’s why steam cleaning has been declared the most environmentally friendly technique of all. Luckily, most of the steam cleaners have very useful features like a steam control system with super-heated temperature. Because killing viruses is not everything, you have to save a particular surface on which steaming is applied. Sensitive surfaces like carpets, wooden floors, laminate, cloths, and other mild materials require a low level of steam. Extreme heat may cause long-lasting damage to this stuff. On the other hand, hard floors such as marble, granite, steel, aluminium need high-grade steam pressure.

There is no doubt that best steam cleaner kills viruses, but it should be hot enough to execute such a task. Generally, a steam cleaner can sanitize and eradicate 99% of germs, but you have to keep the device on the surface for at least 2-3 minutes with a temperature of 175 to 200 degrees. The higher the steam temperature, the better results you will get.

Viruses and their behaviour

Before killing the viruses, you must know about their behaviour. Viruses may be of several kinds and live in different places, some are weak, while others may be tough enough to resist for some time. Especially in the winter season they become very strong and spread easily. Thus, need special treatment with the help of a professional-grade steamer. Normally, they can travel easily in the air from one place to another. It is not possible for any steam cleaner to destroy them in the air. But there are some places where you can encounter these evil miniatures.

Viruses at Home and Hospitals 

At a place like home, where humans and pets often touch with each other. Whether it will be a carpet, upholstery, mattress, car, or any other household item, anyone could be the supported source of infection. To get yourself safe and healthy, make a habit of using a steam cleaner in every suspected area of your home.

It will not be wrong, if we say that hospitals are the most common and dangerous place for such creatures. Especially, an animal hospital could be the main source for them. At such places, a steam cleaner works like a fire extinguisher. Not only it destroys them but also keeps these areas safe and reduces the probability of reborn of viruses to great extent.

Steaming against Corona Virus

When we talk about viruses, how is it possible to ignore the most powerful and deadliest virus to date. Yes, you are right, the coronavirus that has encapsulated the whole world within its lethal claws. A steam cleaner can also play an important and effective role to save you from this ruthless disease. For centuries ago, steaming has been quite an effective remedy for health-related issues. Today, doctors also suggested inhaling steam to avoid the coronavirus. Even if someone is already infected with such deadliest virus, he/she can save his/her life by using steam. It goes into the lungs through inhalation and kills the virus.

How does steam cleaner handle the germs and viruses?

Those who wonder about the fact that how does a simple device like a steam cleaner combat such microbes. It looks very complicated, but this innovative device makes it simple by performing multi actions in one step.

First of all, the boiler takes the tap/distilled water and makes it boiled at a very high temperature. The steamer then throws high pressurized steam vapours on the surface. Additionally, a built-in handy steamer performs great cleaning and disinfection process within tight nooks and corners. Even you can use different tools like brush, nozzle, and other attachments that come along with steamer. These instruments when connected with the steamer becomes very useful to kill germs in hard to reach areas.  As viruses didn’t see a place to live, they can be anywhere and anytime.

Besides, deep cleaning action, which loosens the dirt and eliminates stains, this process properly disinfects the surface by killing all germs and viruses. Moreover, the high heat steam doesn’t require any more suction, as it dries quickly. So overall this single unit gives complete peace of mind by getting rid of dangerous microbes.

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