Toxin free treatments for your skin and their advantages

Posted by Admin on June 2nd, 2014

Paraben is the leading cause of cancer among women in the age bracket of thirty to forty five. The tumours caused by paraben are usually found in the breast. Paraben is known to be destructive and cause many skin problems. Many anti-aging skin care products feature paraben in them. It is a proven fact that contrary to what people may say or advertise, methyl paraben in fact speeds up the aging process. Coupled with exposure to UV rays, it makes the skin look dead and dehydrated due to the death of cells and oxidative stress. You will often get the opposite results as desired by you at the very beginning. Paraben Free Anti Aging Skin Care begins with looking after what you use on your skin, a healthy diet and natural skin applications. While making a safe anti aging skin cream, it is necessary to avoid any ingredient that is toxic or harmful. With more updates in Paraben research, it has become easier for companies to see what is safe and what is not while making creams. Preservatives with natural foundations are being used more than other traditional ingredients. This will also aid in stopping premature aging.

Products based on natural ingredients

Some of the most common products available at the moment are under eye dark circle removing cream, natural face moisturiser, anti wrinkle and reduction cream, tanning cream, skin cleanser and exfoliation cream for the face and body. Skin care is very crucial after the age of thirty. Many women will agree that their skin undergoes a change after having children. Anti aging creams with natural bases are perfect for keeping your youth like glow. Some other ingredients to look out for while buying your cream are sulphates, artificial fragrance, estrogens, sodium lauryl sulphates and Phthalates.

Advantages of natural based products

Natural products are not only great for your skin but have other advantages too. They are eco friendly and don’t contain any harmful ingredients that destroy the water supply or environment. Unlike chemicals, they will not irritate your skin. Unknowingly, you will be using chemicals on your face and body. Overuse causes symptoms like headaches, skin irritation, darkening and aging of skin. With time your anti aging skin care ingredients will leave a visible change in your skin. It will appear softer, delicate, and radiant. Even your pores will be closed and clean.  

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