Enhance Your Bike Performance with Triumph Frame Sliders

Posted by gbracing on June 2nd, 2014

Frame Sliders are not only designed for the best safety of your bike, but they can also add a lot to the performance of your bike, which is no doubt a great added advantage of these tiny parts. Frame sliders which are also known as frame protectors are a motorbike accessory that can offer great protection to the side fairings of the bike and also the internal components in case of a crash; these parts can also prevent the damage caused due to dropping of the bike on the ground from a height.

Specialty of the Triumph frame sliders

Triumph is a leading producer of highly innovative motorbikes and motorbike accessories; the company also offers a complete range of motorbike parts. Every product from a brand not only comes with a guarantee to serve its full purpose in the best way but also offers long service. High quality materials and also the combination of innovative and sophisticated engineering make the products from the brand unique in its class, and the Triumph frame sliders are no exception. Frame Sliders from Triumph are made from the best quality materials like nylon, Delrin, or aluminium and offer great safety protecting the valuable inner parts of your bike from damage in case of an accident or dropping.

How it works

Triumph frame sliders give the rider the confidence to ride a bike in a smoother way; these guards make the riding tension free and ensure safety of your two wheeler.   A high quality frame slider works according to the rules of physics, and it stretches out the time taken for the collision to, completely happen. These tiny parts also spread out the force caused by the impact enabling the bike to slide or coast to a more natural stopping position.  So, these parts can invariably improve your bike riding performance while providing maximum protection to your investment. The sliders help the bike to slide to a stop more slowly which reduces the extent of damage caused to the bike and also offers the rider more time to get into action.

Importance of frame sliders

Bike riding is a passion, and can be one of the most enjoyable sports, but while riding a bike safety is always a concern. With the addition of Triumph frame sliders, you can be rest assured to get the best safety, smooth performance and also better confidence. You can check an extended stock of Triumph frame sliders in the online stores in case you are looking for the best protection for your bike.

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This article is written by Graham Banks. He is also associated with GB Racing. GB Racing has established itself as the market leader in Motorcycle Protection Products. They now have a FIM approved product range worldwide and provide protection gears like bike chain guard, motorcycle frames, engine covers and much more.

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