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Teaching volleyball to kids is even more technical than the game actually is. As kids are fresher so the basic skills of volleyball are alien to them. The basic fundamentals of volleyball include serving, passing, setting, attack, block, and defense that can give tough time to are these fundamentals explained.

Where serving is the very first step which starts the game and creates an offense. Passing comprises the forearm underhand action where the player's forearm must be in contact with the ball or the overhand or overhead action. Attack is all about hitting the "shots off the block, high sets, low sets, sets off the net, off-speed shots, tipping and back court hitting options".

Blocking refers to defense, which requires a specific kind of movement of arms and head, i.e. arms need to be elevated and protracted above the head, hands should clasp together with the fingers remaining open. Whereas the defense involves defensive skills such as rolling and sliding.

All these things will be gibberish to kids. Because, for all this, the first thing that needs to be taught to kids is the specific movement demanded by the game for instance, overhand passing. This is a highly advanced step for the kid and it will be a trouble for him or her to start directly at this stage.

Actions like catching, throwing and kicking are easier for kids to learn and perform but these skills are generally required in other games like football, basketball etc. And unfortunately, the game we are concerned for, does not involve any such action as the ball is to be hit and returned above net.

So, the issue needs special treatment and therefore fundamentals are slightly different for kids. Here are the volleyball fundamentals for young players,

Warm up

It is a preliminary step which involves letting the kid do what is easier for him or her to do i.e. let him warm up by playing with the ball. Make him or her exercise that mainly targets the volleyball related movements. A very effective exercises prescribed by a professional coach, Ruth N. Nelson is the jump rope. This warm up is basically for coordination and endurance. It mainly involves learning to "jump in place, front doors and back doors, crossovers and moving on the volleyball court while jumping rope".

Here the key point is let them play freely, so they enjoy the process and don't cringe on hearing the name of volleyball.

Acquaintance with the ball

Now, slowly and gradually begin the training session. First make them acquaint with the ball. When they get used to it, it's time to impart other skills. Make them hit the ball freely, but in back and forth movement.

Hitting or Passing

Underhand pass, Single-hand pass and overhand pass are imparted through hitting the ball freely but in the conditioned back and forth movement. According to Nelson, here in this step 'footwork arm positions and body movement for passing' is stressed but subtly. In this step kids learn to toss the ball with correct arm and hand position first.

Hitting after the ball is set

This involves the kids learning setting, spiking and overhand serving. These three come under fundamental skills of volleyball. Up to this stage the kid is supposed to have learnt passing, setting up and spiking. Setting up is the pre-step to spiking which actually renders the overhand serve. So basically it is a cycle.

Keep the game in play

This step includes training the kid to tackle with opponent's spiked ball. Skills that need to be imparted under this step are blocking and covering the spiker. This step involves technical actions like spike reception, blocking and advanced service.

Training or developing action games under 500mb drills

Attaining the services of professional trainers will make your kid a prodigy. As the trainer series involve usually the drills that are a crucial part of training volleyball fundamentals to kids. For instance, as mentioned by the site, Move and Learn, there is a trainer series i.e. VBall 3 Step Court Trainer series which culminates in Competition Volleyball. So, opting for such kind of series will bring the desired results.

Appropriate 'Weapon'

Though it is not a fundamental of volleyball but is important in keeping the kids interest in the game. In order to make the training joyful and secure is to use the ball that is appropriate and actually designed for the trainers. This will make it easier for the little beginners to learn and play. The ball they play with during the training session should somewhat be a trainer itself. It should assist the kid with hitting and setting. Most important of all, it should be shock absorbing. The ball having these qualities are available in the market, for example Volleyball Max Trainer.

Abu Dhabi holds significance for a number of reasons besides serving as the home of the offices of the federal government and the seat of the UAE government. The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix is one of the most popular event that welcomes thousands of visitors every year.

Being the Capital of the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi houses a fair share of attractions to appeal visitors from around the world. It boasts of being the second largest city of the United Arab Emirates. The city is located on a T-shaped island into the Persian Gulf.

Formula One-The Most Happening Racing Event!

If you are fond of motor racing, visiting Abu Dhabi will land you to the world of excitement. Since 2009, Abu Dhabi has been hosting a Formula One event and that is why it has become one of the most prestigious one on the Grand Prix calendar. Abu Dhabi Grand prix 2019 is the most awaited event of the year.

The race kicks off about 5 PM local time and at the same time, floodlights light the track. Officials prefer to light them halfway through the race and interfere with live TV filming of this thrilling event. Abu Dhabi serves as one of the two Grand Prix meetings where you can witness the action right from a luxury yacht. Monaco is the other event and the best part is that in both cities the racetrack is near to a fascinating luxury marina.

The Yas Marina Circuit is the place where the event is held. If technology is considered, it is among the most advanced circuits in the world. It is also served as a training ground for Middle Eastern racing riders to practice.

Ferrari World-Discover Incredible Rides!

Besides the Formula One event, another reason why you should consider Abu Dhabi Grand prix booking is the Ferrari World. It action games video is the first Ferrari theme park. The park envelops an area of 47 square miles. You can find around 20 attractions within the theme park that includes the world's fastest roller coaster. It reaches speed of a thrilling 240 km per hour. The park houses various interactive games, designer shopping, and authentic Italian restaurants to make the most of Italian Ferrari experience.

Emirates National Auto Museum-Calling all Car Lovers!

If you are excited about Abu Dhabi Grand prix 2019 , here is another attraction that will multiply your fun. Visit the Emirates National Auto Museum for witnessing a huge private collection of vehicles including classic American cars and off-road vehicles. It also houses the museum Sheikh owner's Mercedes rainbow collection which is one of its kind. This has a Mercedes car of every colour of the rainbow. Each car is beautifully fitted with a TV and refrigerator. Children love to visit the museum action games computer as there are a number of military vehicles which allow them to climb and drive. One of them even has a golfing range on top of the roof, adding more fun to your museum visit.

Get your Abu Dhabi Grand prix booking done before it is too late because it is one thing for sure you would not want to miss.

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